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Whats going on with the price of my bag

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by guitarlegend, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. whatup, im new here but have been with yahooka for a while so nice to meet everyone. Now i have a huge question on the price of weed, because around here we pay 20 dollars for 1.7 grams, 40 dollars for an eighth, half ounce is 150 dollars, and an ounce is about 270 -300, i can get an ounce for 200 which is pretty much unheard of here, but most people talk about on here"yeah i get a quarter ounce for way less 45 dollars" and all this other stuff. So are you people getting horrible weed, or is my location shit.
  2. i can get an ounce of weed for 80 dollars and it can fuck two people up....lotsa orange hairs and its good weed
  3. I guess it all depends on where you are from. Around here, the most you are going to pay for an ounce of good weed is 150 dollars. And I thought that was pretty high until I read what some people pay.
  4. I can get an ounce of real potent high quality bud for like 300-350 an ounce..But the best shit i've ever smoked was Purple N' Pink and that was 400 straight....Im not gettin ripped off either becuase I know how much this bud goes for around the US and in Amsterdam....This is some crazy ass bud.
  5. one ounce runs us about $ 100.oo some red hairs depends on the season how much stems & seeds we get . most of the time it will do its job . it comes up from mexico . we dont get much local stuff.

  6. I just bought an O of blueberryXsilver kush for $320..worth every penny..tastes like chocolate THC

    Now If im broke and want some bud I can pay 20 bucks and get an 8th of some mid grade shnit...but why put my lungs through that
  7. depending on who i talk to i can pay anywhere from 60 an O to like 250.. i usually buy somewhere in between, and it does the job just fine.

  8. about 2 grams here can get about 8 ppl fucked up, and not newb potheads either. costs 40 bux. splitting an ounce between 2 ppl seems excessive
  9. well see the shit around here is like hella green, with tons of red hairs, it usually takes 3 bong hits to get fucked up, and ive never seen a seed in any bag ive ever botten. And stem wise we get like 4 millimeter stem where they clipped the bud, to small to worrie about, so i guess we get good stuff. but this 80 dollar an ounce shit sounds like something i wanna try and see how shitty it is
  10. I usually only grab a half ounce at a time for variety but an ounce around t-dot and many of the other cities in toronto goes from 200$ to 220$. Im pretty sure its KB, but then agian i dont really know how to tell. I've never gotten swchag but its weird cause no one really sells it...


    BTW if i post a pic of my stash (grabbin tonite) is it possible to tell if it kind by seeing a pic?
  11. yeah if you post a pic ill tell you how good it looks
    . Ive seen a lot so i might be able to tell
  12. no your wrong you can't tell how good weed is until its smoked, i've bought weed before that looked great, bright green with orange and red hairs, and barely got me high, i also bought some shity looking brick weed that made my eyes water, and not long after it made me pass out. Most weed that looks good is good but you can't always count on that.
  13. shit i can get a qp of commercial weed for 250 and oz's for 65

    i can get good quality home grown for about 130-150 an oz
  14. damn I want a corndog.
  15. oh i forgot to say... its around $200-300 for a oz, some of you people are very lucky to get the prices you get.
  16. its not possible to get bad weed were i live, i mean like leaves and stems and that shit you guys talk about, especialy when i see pictures of leaves and shit, we call that shake and we throw that away, only smoke bud
  17. damnit man..ive gotten FUCKED UP off of some shake before...i mean fucking blazed...also, im my previous post, i meant to say 80 for an ounce and one joint of that shit will fuck two people up...

    toss some of your shake this way man!

  18. that must be some bad weed then becuase if you get the right bud around here then a dime could fuck 2 people up real good. a quarter is 80 here and maybe thats what u pay for an ounce but a quarter of the weed we have here will fuck up 4 people for a whole weeks worht of sesh's.

  19. a quarter for four people for a week? u guys must have a really low tollerance level to thc. i have it on good word that i have tried some of the most powerfull ganja available in the world... and there were three of us and we still were getting through atleast a Q a week. EACH.

  20. haha sounds like you're from northern cali like me. it's really HARD to get shake, or cheap weed around here, because of how much CHRONIC there is! i've found cheaper shit, but it's usually poorly grown with so many stems/seeds and such a low potency it isn't even worth it. i have the $ so why not splurge and get something that doesn't aggravate the lungs?

    around here?
    $320-400/oz, $40-60/eighth, $80-120/quarter depending on who/where/quality. right now we're smoking $60 weed that we paid $40 for and life is treatin us GOOD :D

    i'll toke this bowl for all of those who have to pay big bucks like me to get the killer shit.


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