Whats going on.. RQ Critical

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  1. Ive got a small outdoor in pots grow. All my plants are ok except for this RQ Critical. Ive only given it ff Big bloom and grow big in small amounts twice. Ive also been spraying it with neem oil. Its looking worse today, and to add insult to injury my cart i use to wheel plants outside fell over. One olant broke off at soil and is done for, the rest, including this critical will recover. Well i hope the critical will. It looked rough this morning before it fell on its head.

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  2. I guess the pics didnt show up....sorry new here, and to growing.
  3. anyone??? its even worse today.... I hoped a PH'd watering yesterday would help but it didnt. I cant take a pic because my phone broke. But its on the higher fan leaves now. Maybe potassium deficiency? Im partially colorblind so I have a hard time seeing and googling things. Like if there is some red in there I wont be able to see it. I think sometimes issues start and I cant see them for days.
  4. whatever is happening its like the leaves are dying and just becoming crumbly.

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