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Discussion in 'General' started by smokeboi1245, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. I read a recent article on the NORML website on how Canada is going to let the American governement make arrests for people violating american law. I really hope this doesnt happen. The way I see it is, the U.S. is just blackmailing Canada to force them to extradite Emery and so that they have more jurisdication to prosecute people. This is a joke, if the canadian government doesnt agree to the U.S.'s terms they will probably cut funding to Canada. Thats the exact same reason the drinking age is 21. People start complaining about teenage drinkers and drunk drivers and the federal government threatens every state to cut federal funding to the states by 10 percent..That is a lot of funding. This is a disgrace to all that is right, America has absolutley no right to be in Cananda whatsoever. What the fuck is going to happen to the seed companys there, u know the US would love to get there grimey little hands on all of them. Fuck the US of A, more like US of GAY!
  2. where and when did you hear this?? cus that is total bullshit if its true ill take dubya out myself if it comes to that
  3. Whoa, first off lets see an article of some kind.

    Secondly, U.S. doesn't 'fund' Canada.

    Besides, whichever law you're refering to still has yet to go through legislation, which takes an eternity.
  4. You had me up until that last line. You seemed to be a literate person with a legitimate concern and I was interested in what you were saying. But that last line was just ignorant... :cool:
  5. Ditto. You may not like the US but don't call it 'Gay'. I'm pretty sure the gay and lesbian blades out there wouldn't be happy with that comment.

  6. phhh stop being such a fag

    ;) gotcha! haha... but no seriously, i was joking.

  7. Lol, how much longer will this precarity of "fag" go on?

  8. :confused: Just as long as the conglomancy of queers persists... :confused:
  9. well he is correct to an extent, the thread starter...the us is blackmailing canada...i forget exactly what, but iread that they threatened them with a blockade of resourses, that the get mostly all from the US...unless they extrdite certian people who are breakin american laws, because they are helping out americans break the law, by spreading the seeds n whatnot...so they have a legitamate beef, but i dont think it is right at all...in thier mindset it is a perfect solution and reaction...but everything is fucked man, it should be a non-issue from the getcko.
  10. Im sure American and Canada rely on each other for trade, i didnt mean funding i meant just the way trade works in general. When you have 2 countries next to each other i think they rely on one another just a little bit. Its obvious America has given Canada some sort of threat that forces them to agree to the U.S.'s terms. And about letting the U.s. being aloud to make arrests in Canada, it was on the Norml website this morning. I didnt make it up despite of what many might think. And just because i accidently used the wrong terminology does not make me illiterate...maybe carried away...but not illiterate. Just because I said something stupid does not make me an ignorant person. Sorry for the bullshit, everyone seemed to miss my point lol
  11. Mike is right on this one.

    I'll level with you.... i'm really baked right now and i don't feel like talking about politics.

    I'm toying with the idea of getting me a sandwich of some kind... maybe some PB&J

    My hands smell all resiny from all the joints i smoked tonight hehehehe.


  12. hahahaha dude, thats classic. This must be the greatest thing i have heard all day.+rep for this. back to topic, it is indeed major bullshit the US has any say in what Canada does, Canada needs to stand up for its right, to partayyyyyyy. haha jk about the party but yeah. PEACe

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