Whats going on here?

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  1. Week 5 of Flower this happening and the buds stop growing….what deficiency is this guys?

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    Looks like a potassium deficiency.
    After a second look at things I'd agree with WeedGrowsOnTrees. Phosphorus deficiency.
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  3. This is a phosphorous deficiency.
    common tell tale like purple discolouration on leaves and burn on tips. Flower production also comes to halt.
    Left untreated buds will quickly abort.
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  4. That was my first thought as well. And you could be 100% correct. Since moving to living organic soil I haven't seen many deficiencies.
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  5. idk .I would prefer to see the entire plant with the leaves on. You could of pulled the leaves from the very bottom or plants do lose leaves time to time those could be them.
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  6. thank you and thanks everyone for the imput…finally seems like i found my problem…. Pistils turned amber and buds suddenly stop growing in week 4 flowering and i keept thinking its a cal mag problem and been treating for that….this run kinda fucked but good thing to know for later.

    If i give her PK now is too late? Or It would turn her back to better?
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  7. Someone please?
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  8. I grow in a living organic medium. So, I can be of no help on what to add.
  9. You can give P and harvest an okay yield. Don’t expect much harvest or bud quality or potency but if you want to flower it out for rhe heck of it you can. If you don’t have time to waste, get started on a new crop
  10. not with out entire plant pics .No help. If im helping i want to do it correctly .
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