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    Hey guys what happening. Younger guy here from the North-East making his way into growing. I have a single season/harvest under my belt and decided to pursue a small indoor operation to give me some smoke through the winter (Christmas Trees! haha).

    I feel i'm pretty knowledgeable and have some skill when it comes to the basics but I want to improve my game and start learning about run-off PH and strategic feeding schedules which i'm sure I'll be able to get help with here.

    On that note, expect to see me posting frequently and I look forward to hatting it up with you fine folks.
    Nice choice :) You'll get a deep purple , high yielding plant with phenomenal THC production . I haven't grown it but have seen some people growing devil XL. Looks mighty tasty. 
    I think you'll feel right at home here :cool: 
    Thanks for the confidence boost! I have already read some great journals for Dark Devil and i'm hoping to learn from those. I'll have a thread posted when good and ready. Thanks

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