Whats goin on with my seeds? +rep for helpin me

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  1. alright GC i'd really appreciate it if you could help me out. i germinated 3 seeds that i bought from the Attitude in a wet paper towel in a tuberware in the dark. all 3 shot out taproots in like 2 days. i put them in the seed starter thing ( little peat pellet things that you add water too and they expand in the plastic tray). and now like 5 days later i still got nothin poking thru the soil. im sure i put the tap root towards the bottom and they went straight from the paper towel to the seed starter. if you want more info just ask or check out the grow journal in my sig. any help would be great.

    the only thing i can think is that i had them on my desk instead of the windowsill and they didnt have direct sunlight??:confused:

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  2. That depends on how long you let the tap root grow from the time it first pokes out of the seed. Ideally, you would plant them with the taproot being less than half an inch or so. If it was longer than that it can affect the growth. They don't need direct sunlight to come out of the soil, jut warmth and some humidity
  3. the taproot was prpbably 1/8th of an inch. pretty much as soon as they cracked and pushed out the littlest thing i put them in the seed starter
  4. It just takes time bro. Mine were sprouted a week after they germinated this year.
  5. maybe im just impatient haha

    givin yall +rep for those quick answers. thanks.

    any more ideas/info is still appreciated
  6. nah bro there gonna die dude... i had the same problem..i germinated till they were about an eigth inch long and then i stuck it up my butt.. and to my horror 3 days later nothing,,, so i drank some nutes thinkin maybe they were a lil hungry..then i layed on my back and pissed on my butthole,,my piss is 6.0 on the dot so i know that wasnt the problem..so i thought maybe its humidity and i covered my bootyhole with cling rap and a dixie cup.. still nothing.. well its been 3 yrs now and i still remember it like it was yesterday...im kinda glad they didnt make it though.. could you imagine trying to scrog that.. i woulda had to tie a screen to my balls or something.... haha jus be patient dude im sure there still alive in there..dont over water man thas most newbies worst mistake with the seed starters and rockwool
  7. I had same prob bro...i had 5 seeds i got from attitude that didnt sprout i thought i was being impatient but after several weeks i dug seeds up only to find out it didnt do nothing other then a small tap root. So i orderd more so far only 3 out of 5 have came up in 1week so im getting worried again that the remaining two wont sprout :confused:. The 3 that did come up sprouted out of dirt in 2days. They are all auto strains and starting to make wonder about the autos. They are not exactly cheap either :rolleyes:
  8. yea im 8 days into it and the little shits still havent dont anything. gonna be pretty pissed if they dont sprout man cause i dont have the cash to just buy more, plus im growin outside and its gettin too late in the year to be just startin seeds.
  9. Man I hate those things. In the past couple years Ive used those a few times. I won't anymore. With topsoil I get 90% sprouts. With the pellets? It's like 1 in 6 come up. Heinous. Some people swear by those things, and it might be that I just aint doin it right, but personally, I think they suck.

    At any rate, after eight days I think Id get the tweezers and go diggin.
  10. used Jiffy Pellets #25s for years ( also the Coco-coir equivalent) for seedlings, and clones ... I now use a 50/50 coir/perlite blend

    why the change .. 2 reasons

    1. the pellets are way too compact . so roots have to fight to grow through .. resulting in slow germination and seedling growth.

    2. the peat loved to reek havoc on Ph ..and if i had was working with a moody strain.. my success percentages ( both with seedlings , and clones) went down dramatically

    they are also notoriously easy to over water, which sucks for new growers.....
  11. if your growing outside why are you using starter pellets? if i were you dude id jus germ them and put them in solo cups.. then transplant when ready... id use some coco coir in solo cups... it holds a perfect ratio of water and air and its hard to over water..dam near impossible...
  12. hey dude, i gotta agree with post 9 & 10, ive personally never had much luck with peat pettets, my main issue i had with them was the PH levels, maybe i just didnt use em right but it aint exactly rocket sience lol, as your growing outside id just germ your seeds & then just place in small pots/cups then, sprinkle some soil over them just to cover them well but not burrie them etc & you should have sprouts within 2 days, then jus let em get established somewhat or to the point you want, before planting out

    GL dude
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    thanks guys. +rep for yall;)

    so... today is the end of the 8th day. if i dig them back up can i now put them in some cups or are they already dead? is 9 days after germination too long in those little piece of shit pellets that i fuckin hate now:mad:?

    idk why i used the pellet tray thing, honestly i figured it would work better since its designed for starting seeds and thats what i was doing.

    my plan is (was) germinate, put them in the pellet things, when their about 1.5 inches tall put them in these 6'' pots i got, when their about 6'' tall plant them outside in my spot.
  14. just wait mine took a week to sprout above soil. i know your probably anxtious but just wait a couple more days then if nothin try some diff seeds.
  15. IMO they are gonnas as mine that went tits up were gone within a week when concerned with peat pellets, but dont just take my word for it as you never know, you could always carefully see if you can uncover them or something but i never really recommend it, if it was soil i would say leave it like 2 weeks but with those things i duno
  16. try using a heating pad under them put it on low or something...seems to help
  17. Mine took a week even just w/o sprouting, just seeds in the soil and right after it popped it took off very quick
  18. yea unfortunately i aint in soil brotha, usin those little pellet things. and im past a week. and i germinated.

    might try this

    yea im past a week now. gonna wait a few more days, maybe put the heating pad under them if i can find it.

    FUCKKKKKK. yea i hope your wrong haha. probably gonna wait another day or 2 then dig them up gently to see if anything happenin down there.
  19. Alright guys so i dug them up this morning. Put them in some dixie cups w/ soil. hopefully their not dead.

    the seeds looked a little bit sowlen, the shell looked somewhat more fragile with lots of little hair line fractures towards the edge. what do you think? are they dead?
  20. Do they still have a white tap root?

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