whats goin on with my plants?

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  1. so this is my first grow, i started these plants out april 16th just a few days ago i saw somethings startin to concern me, droopy leaves, yellow leaves, yellow leaves with brown spots? i dont have any idea what the problem is ive got 4 plants under 8 cfl 5600k lights on a 24 hr schedule. i check the soil to an inch down daily to make sure they stay watered and water accordingly. i dont know what im doing wrong. my best guess is its some type of defienciency, just i dont know which one nor how to stop it, any imput appreciated. thanks guys.:smoking: ohhh and i was wondering if the cups at all could affect it. i plan on transferring to gallon pots tomorrow morning.

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  2. Lets start here. There's no soil in that cup. Or not much...

    Second, there's no perilite and what looks to be sticks and twigs from compost sitting on the top. No bueno, senor. Go get some good potting soil (NOT MiracleGrow) and try transplanting it into there.

    Your problem is your soil.

    After that (at least a couple days), feed it something. a very very light fertilizer mix (again...NOT MiracleGrow) something with a high Nitrogen content.
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    any suggestions on soil? and is it available at wal mart or home depot?

    also checked out your grow pics, nice plants!
  4. Is there even any drainage with those cups?
  5. repot get some gardening soil with no time release nutes.. mix in perlite about a 75 % soil to 25% perlite.. give that baby some leg room aman.. once u repot u will see it take off.. check ur soil ph and run off.

    i dont know too much but search the sick plants and stuff look for ya symptoms and shit and see if u can find similar cases and shit..
    you will easily solve most ya questions by just looking around on here
  6. lol thats hilarios.dude trash those plants and fill the cup up with soil next time.:smoking:
  7. so, those are about a month old and still in beer cups. they may be too stunted to recover. at this point, they should be in their finish containers (maybe) and receiving full strength nutes under a good light. they look under fed, over watered and in need of transplanting. you need to shit, or get off the pot! are you growing plants, or bonsai babies??? i wouldn't wait to act...
  8. I suggest a 1.5 CuFt bag of FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting soil, available as low as $15 or as high as $30. Perilite is included, but some folks add more to prevent water log issues.

    The root of your problem is you've got compost, which compacts fast and gets heavy on the roots. Also, you've not got enough of it. Imagine for every stem and leaf on the top, there's a coreesponding tap and feeder root on the bottom. You don't have to give them equal space, but you should be balancing the pot to match the plant.

    Someone also mentioned drainage. Extremely important to allow the water to drain through. That's why folks add perilite to the mix.

    For your situation, cut a bunch of lines in the cup around the bottom, or holes. Something at the bottom to allow water to drain out. You should be able to pour a cup of water in it and have at least 3/4 of that cup drain out the bottom relatively quickly.

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