whats goin on with her?

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  1. Without more details it's hard to say what is wrong... but if I had to guess I'd say your pH is off. Unless it is due to the strain you're growing the stalk should be green.

    Are you monitoring the pH of your solution?
  2. i havent tested the ph yet im not sure of the strand it was a clone i got from a buddy under flourecents and kept around 78-80 degrees
  3. Get a test kit ASAP.
  4. you can tell by looking at it that it's a clone. it's probably hungry. if your not feeding it, i'd say 1/4 strength nutes.
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    What's the significance of it being a clone?

    I agree it looks a little hungry, but not starving yet.

    I'd still get a handle on the pH. It looks like it is progressively getting lighter green, yellow in some places, as you move up from the bottom.
  6. can i just test the water ive been given it or do i have to test the soil i have a test kit for water shes gettin the same water as my other plants and there doin healthy
  7. you flush the soil with ph balanced water, then test the run off to make sure its around 5.5 - 6.5

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