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  1. none of this is my style...ill pick the Louie belt though
  2. im a shoe guy... but i dont like those at all, i would rather get the belt
  3. foams are hot but not that color. I'd go with the louie belt
  4. Not a lot can go wrong with a belt, but a lot went wrong with those shoes.

    Belt it is.
  5. Shit man.. you can probably buy a white t-shirt for everyday of the year and never do laundry again with the cost of that one belt.
  6. Those shoes look like normal shoes that got stuck in an enormous gob of bubble gum. But who is even going to be looking at your belt?
  7. ZZZZZ Them sneekers look the bomb. I'll take them.

    I can see me "moon-walking" in'em, now. :)
  8. Whats fresher? YOUR ETERNAL SOUL
    psh.. material possesions..
    jk :smoking:
  9. belt is wack, everyone will think its fake.

    foamposites are the ugliest nikes, unless there red or galaxy.

    sorry bro. no hate. out the two id go with the foamposites.
  10. the belt foamposites are ugly as fuck. and nike's are uncomfortable
  11. Belt. Those trainers are awful.
  12. Why in the god damned fuck would someone spend like $150 on a belt?:confused:
  13. bro, foam pros are where its at. everybody gonna be checkin your feet man, nobody gonna really see the belt unless you sag your pants really low. if youRE getting real foams for a decent price id go foams. Need a legit check?
  14. THose sneakers are ugly, looks like a womens swimming shoe. My advice would be to pick up your favorite pair of jordans.
  15. [quote name='"mikey piff"']THose sneakers are ugly, looks like a womens swimming shoe. My advice would be to pick up your favorite pair of jordans.[/quote]

    Jordans have been dead since Jordan retired

  16. your soo sooo wrong.
  17. Jordan's dead??? Lol no but their quality has turned into shit...I still buy em I'm only a fan of 1s,3s,4s,5s, and 11s...cop a nice BBC, diamond or crooks tee with a nice pair of 7 jeans and Louis belt and u have ur self an outfit...of course gotta toss on an invicta watch the life essentials Pangaea bracelet and some Hermes Cologne...if your going some where flashy
  18. If you're going somewhere 'flashy' I don't think you'd want to be wearing sneakers and a t-shirt. Unless we're talking about a junior high social event.

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