What's fastest you've ever had a plant flower

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  1. im few days off 5 weeks n way she's going will be done in another week I've never had anything flower this fast it's all swelling really fast got easily 40-50% brown hairs and crystal in going cloudy really fast strain is an old super skunk which I've read can be done in 7 weeks
  2. Sexually mature plants flower faster IMHO..Last time after 7 wk veg flowers began 4 days after the flip..
    One lady (unknown strain) began showing amber in week 5-6 here.

    Very strange since she is not near ready judging by the rest of the plant.
  3. I flipper last week in July man and had flowers starting to form around 9 days later it's been flowering now for around 4.5 weeks lol and last few days has just changed massively everything swelling really fast and now has a good percentage of hairs gone orange I'm gonna let it go another 2 weeks atleast but rate she going at moment say will be done within a week and half :) sooo glad took heap of clones of her cos also never had anything grow so fast on put on so much size once flipped lol I did 2 that where around 4 inches when flipped n there now over 2 foot high haha and verry thick branches had another one which was 2 little shoots basicly n as a joke flipped it n now has 2 branches thick as n around foot n half tall haha bloody shit grows more once flipped than in veg
    Il be cutting most of the stuff off the main plant which is the mother n will reveg her take more clones n go again ;) she's in a 50 lt tub
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  4. Holy crap 50L..That's a bigly tub..LMAO

    The ones on the right in my photo are MSNL GDPs and the wierd one was supposed to be a GDP as well..BUT no way..(we discussed the MSNL mess before)

    After all the crap I did to them..The real GDPs are about 3 ft tall :eek2::eek::eek2:
    (had to modify my light hangers with zip ties..Hahhah)
  5. Haha yeah it's a decent tub ;) but she's totally chockers filled it with roots to point there comming out all drainage holes and the surface haha mind you that's other thing I'm loving about this strain is grows a massive root system verry fast :)
    Yeah I'm sorta over msnl seeds now all the autos I've planted this run have turned to shit all deformed n no bud structure at all very disappointed indeed they just look crap lol this was a seed I got out some smoke off a mate who grows same strain from seed he's had for like ever lol and it's awsome grows thick strong bloke a machine Haha I was growing an msnl ak 47 which was looking great like 5.5 weeks into flower n bam started bloody throwing out bloody bananas so she got chopped couple days back :( meaning I've now not had a single straight female in 20 od of there regular seed I've tried which is crap strawberry cough grown 8 all but one male n other was hermie grown hash bomb 6 all male grown ak 47 all male except 1 which just chopped so not even gonna bother trying anymore seems only there fem seed stays female n as you seen don't end up as they should so I'm done with them
  6. Sad when 1 bag seed grows better than couple hundred dollars of "reliable stable genetics from a top breeder" pfffft
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  7. I agree 100%! I am totally done buying from them..So far no banners and those GDPs look great!!
    Just in case the rest are wacky, I took a clone that is doing great so far (Picture taken 4 wks into veg!)
    Right side. Left side is a BC Early Blueberry from seed (Bonza)
    I will say that the GDPs clone and take all topping and supercropping well:)
    last 2 shots are showing the supercropped area and after she grew and budded the same area..Yikes..Mini Colas..Hahhah

    8-19-17 full recovery.jpg
    8-13-17 supercroped GDP#2.jpg 8-17-17 stacking.jpg
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  8. My plants are special queen #1 which is a 50/50 with a lot of skunk in it and its a 7 week strain... I normally chop at around day 56-60 with a great smoking experience... however from now on im going a solid 70-75 days at least just get the most out of them...
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  9. Yeah its dumb when people say 99% of bagseeds suck... its just not the case especially if it came from some bomb smoke thats already pretty stable for the most part.. the only problem is that you dont know so its best to grow out more than you need and clone them so you keep the genetics and cut veg time down.
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  10. Yeah the clone is looking crazy frosty and the smell is stronger as well! I can't wait to try some down the road!! And I've already started a few more off the clone I'm keeping for a mother plant! Right now I could take 25+ cuttings... not going to tho lol....the plan is to keep the mother in veg and healthy for as long as possible! I leave it in the living room and have a t5 fixture installed for 24/7 lighting! Only feed when showing it needs a booster but other than that it's easy to keep in veg!!

    Fem Auto (Amnesia Haze) Come on in and share your auto grow! This is my first

    Bag seed grow journal (Flowering)
  11. Hahaha in the lounge room under a t5 that's fucking gold
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