Whats everyone up to?

Discussion in 'General' started by SEMS1, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Im kickin' back, smoking. :)
    Digi is charging.

  2. very nice my friend
    those are some really colorful buds nom nom

    well I just finished smoking my last bowl outta my new piece
    and I'm starting to like it a helluva lot
    It's my first glass spoon :smoke:

    smoke up dood
  3. I'm bored as piss at 4am about to take a handfull of pills.

    Blaze some for me, I'm dead ass out for now.
  4. I'm fuckin' blown.

    I ain't sleepin' neither.

    Fuck that.

  5. got finished chillin with buddies, smoked 3 blunts. had a good time....noooow im chillin here till i fall asleep
  6. Sittin here, browsing some GC. :)

    Watching Sportscenter, drinking milk, and smoking cigarettes.

    Thinking of smoking the small bit of weed left in my dugout.
  7. its late nug, you think it would be better to wake and bake that tomorrow morning? if its your last bit thats what i would do.
  8. It's not late for me. And fortunately, I have friends that will glady smoke me up.

    The little bit is actually left from a sibling who I lent the dugout too, but I gave em a 5 spot earlier - so it's straight.
  9. I always have weed :)

    Good to hear everyone's chilling.
  10. I think actually done for the night, my shits kicking in and I'm gettin ready to groove on it..

    Have fun everyone.
  11. Oh, I was wondering...

    what ever happened to the Chatterbox thread?

    I'm still kind of clueless as to what went on here the other day...

    Could someone PM me the details?
  12. Im wondering the same man :confused:
  13. the chatterbox thread is closed not deleted it might not be reopened to post but might be reopened closed at some point..now what exactly happened idk ..but there were some banns.u can also read RMJL reminder.its a sticky in general.


    i a sooo tired..didnt sleep much..just 3 hours..last night we had a shot contest going on since its carnval here and everything is festive and such
    and once again i realised that alcohol isnt my thing...too bad though cause its legal and i know how to make awesome coctails...uuhh..

    im now getting ready to smoke my wake and bake and chill with some music..i should also eat something asap cause my stomach might die on me..or actually in me..
    *that came out gross..lol..
  14. Sounds fun. :)
  15. bleh..wasnt that much..i dont do well with alcohol...unfortunately..or fortunately..

    so..did you smoke what you had left?
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    But Carnaval has got to be fun. :D

    Mmmm, not yet.

    I'm still undecided.

    And I've only got 4 cigs left, damn.

    LOL, my last bit of weed wasn't even in my dugout. It was sitting on a 1993 Pro Line Sterling Sharpe (Green Bay Packers) football card.
  17. haha..well i dont dress anymore.i used to when i was in HS.
    but i do go out with my friends..

    well it wasnt that fun and the streets were too empty for carnaval period cause it was too fuckin cold and too fuckin windy.like very very windy..around 6 it was also snowing..bleh..

    weather sucks lately..

    well..if you dont plan to sleep anytime soon smoke it.if u do, leave it for the morning...
    i always get crazy if i dont have anything to smoke when i wake up..
    btw.Heres to...everyone..
    just lit it up.:smoke:

    id happily share my weed if i could:)
  18. Well, I'll share a toke with you blue. :D

    I'm guessing I'm going to get 2 hits out of what's left.
  19. Ill toke with you both. :wave:

  20. def.
    itd be fun to hang ot with some blades here but you are all far...

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