What's everyone up to tonight?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, May 5, 2006.

  1. I usually go out on Thurs nights but I need to save a little money and I want to drink a lot tomorrow..so I'm chilling at home tonight :) I have 3 grams of Skunk and a whole lot of munchies at my disposal. Should be a good time. What are you up to tonight?
  2. ...rolin' to my uncles house after work (11pm) to go smoke it up, he's got some really stank stuff, the shit is wet, so I'm pretty much getting high tonight... really, really, high... then probably watch a movie, then end my day loging in to myspace... pretty much, but shit happens...
  3. Fuckin jack shit.

    Usually get trashed n smoke allota herb on thursday's. (Aswell on fridays, saturdays, sundays, mondays, tuesdays and wensdays but anyways...)

    No fucking drank right now. No fucking herb right now. Watin on the herb to get here.

    Prolly chillin at the crib n smokin n eatin pizza because i ordered a pizza. And jus kicking it for the night and relaxing.

    Tommrows gon be hectic.
  4. making dinner now, then relaxing tonight. tomorrow's going to be good.
  5. No idea, about to grill up some burgers, then will probably go hang out with friends, smoke, find something to do, after that, I got a fat bong pack to blaze when I get home. :cool:
  6. savin my weed for tomorrow night(only got maybe a nights weed on me and id rather smoke on friday)

    tonight? ill prolly down some oxys, maybe a few flexerils and just chiillllllll
  7. hell yeah tomorrow is gonna be hectic
    I'm getting a fifth and a 12-pack for myself, we're starting early :D

    Oh and by the way fuck yeah a pizza sounds like a good idea hmmmm $5 Little Caesar's large pepperoni?? :D
  8. Hell yeah. I got me a $5 medium Little Ceasers pepperoni, With buttered crust.
  9. just ate mad cheese fries
    im drinkin on some goose,

    gonna smoke some more bongs later, maintaining.
  10. Gonna go pick up a quarter later for tomorrow.. buddy of mine and me are gonna get drunk and do bongloads. :smoking:
  11. you guys are lucky, Little Caesers has been outta business in my area for a LOOONNNGGGG time. there is still a little rebel store at a Kmart by my house and i usually go there on saturdays for lunch when i am home but goddam do i miss it

    5 dollar medium KSR...PSH they are 5 dollar LARGES by me
  12. I know some places that do that, Not around here.

    But i know a dude who worked at one that had that deal. Its jus a medium rolled out more to fit into a large box, Jus its thinner pizza. The mediums contain same amount of everything, Jus thicker pizza.
  13. more cheese n pepperoni goodness though :yummy:
  14. Yeah, its Its like 5.50 for a Large 1-Topping around here. It's a pretty good deal when your hungry, and strapped for cash.
  15. Nothing going on here. Jack and shit and Jack just left. Waiting for the hubby to come home so we can catch the new South Park episode we missed last night. Smokin' a bowl. Drinkin' a Sprecher Ginger Ale.

  16. It's a good night.

    Picked up 5 grams of very very good mids. $40, so not bad, at all.

    Listening to Cypress Hill - Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up

    Rolling a 1.5 joint. Already was smoking bongs with my dealer. She's pretty cool :hello:
  17. just got home from smokin' 2 blunts, waitin' for my 'rents to go to sleep hit another blunt and just listen to some tunes
  18. R_M I love that song, I'm about to put it on now haha

    iiiiiiit's Friday mornin' where the weed at? Lemme dig into my pocket for my fat weeed sack

    I just got my $5 Little Caesar's pizza Mmm

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