What's everyone up to tonight?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I've been drinking for a while we had some people over playing beer pong etc.. now I'm smoking some fat blunts since I picked up an ounce of schwag today, lol. I still have lots of beer left too :D
  2. DXM! Popped 10 robo 5 mintues ago. It;s only 150mg but It's my first time and I'm alone so I thought I would play it safe. Several people on erowid have had pleasant 1st plateau trips under 200mg. I've still got 10 more if I change my mind too!:D

    And I had a bowl on the way home from work, so I'm happy.
  3. tonight = studying

    tomorrow = candyflipping.....talk to me tomorrow ;)

  4. .

    Damnit, lucky!
    This is my first trip of any kind. I was supposed to do shrooms, but my friend qimped out on me, and the others who were gonna are his cousins, so they were out then too 'cause I don;t know them that well. I decided I'd just buy somma this instead and if it's fun I'll convince him to try it.
  5. Oh, and I know I'm feeling it a little but holy fuck that's definately not the weed, my hands are all trippy when I watch them type. Or when I type with them, rather. I'm having to go back and fix a lot of errors in this shit, but at least I can still function enough to notice them. :hello:
  6. I just smoked a 3 gram blunt of some lower mids and I am feeling grrrrreat....drinking some beers now chilling :smoking:
  7. I'm tempted to just down the rest of the bottle, since today was my last day of work so I don;t have to be normal until 5 or so tomorrow evening whne my Dad's home from work. If I'm not itchign ad tweaking out after an hour my trips seems fine right? I think I'm jsut gonna take em. Half the rest for sure anyway.

    Oh and MUSIC, holy shit guys!
  8. yoo, i just smoked some bowls out of a can hahaha, i dropped my effing peice last night cause i was mad drunk, lol. we pissed in some mailboxs' and my friend pissed on a boat hahaha, and i am going to drink some budweiser so peace:smoking:
  9. If I caught someone pissing in my mailbox I would treat 'em to a bottle upside the head. WTF man?

    p.s. I took them! This'll be fun.
  10. haha nice have fun. I'm just sittin in my room high as fuck smoking cigs and drinking beers with the windows open, great weather. ahhh
  11. I know I got windows open too, It;s so nice out. I got little tracers when I looked away from the screen. kickass.
  12. I'm sory for kinda jacking this thread with my babble, but I just realised how aware and awake I felt. I should be half in a coma after 5 bowls of this weed. I'm still a lightweight damnit. I think I'mma bust out a gatorade bong and jsut get fuckered. mwaaaaaaaaaa I think I'm officially a druggie. I love cough medicine, it feels great, and I can rip so big and not cough. I've never cleared so much cmoke out of such a small harsh little spoon.
  13. In case anyone cares about my little adventure, I just decided that this was so great I would take the last 5, I have now injested 300mg of DXM. Everyting is so surreal. I feel like I understand life so much more on such a basic level I can;t even describe it. It's not any tangible knowledge I've gained, jsut a sense of harmony I guess. I feel content. My face feels kinda numbish though, not unpleasant jsut weird.
  14. Awww man, how long does the itchy last???
    It's kinda sad to find a con to a drug I was havign so much fun with. Ironically the trance song I am listening to is in a slow saddish part. It;s picking back up though and remidns me of a sunrise, so I think the trip's going uphill from here!

    I'm so happy.
  15. when i took 20 i was ichy all over after an hour/ towards the end of the trip but it goes away..
  16. Well, that was fun. Now that I know what to expect I'm doing at least 500 next time. I need to take them a little sooner too, cause I got tired around 2am and went to bed. Definately a positive experience overall. Here's the lame-ass trip report I wrote up last night while I was on it.

    Ignore the weird spacing, It looks normal in wordpad.
  17. picked up an ounce of shrooms and an ounce of dank last night.

    picked up another ounce from the same guy this morning. looking to be a good night.
  18. I just picked up a handle of the captain and hopefully get a half o tongiht. One of my boys has the house to himself and he's inviting over some girls. Unfortuantely i have to work tonight so i cant start partying till 10-11. I dont care, ill keep the party runnin all night if need be1!!!

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