Whats everyone doing today?

Discussion in 'General' started by DoYouKnowWhoIAm709, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Im currently going through Family Court evidence, waiting for my baby to wake up and have breakfast and then off to work for me! Tonight will consist of the same thing, court crap. Ohhhh after Tuesday I hope its over. Whats everyone else got planned for today!
  2. Well its night here now, but i produced some music this morning got mad baked around lunchtime now I'm faded watching Seinfeld.. Gonna have a shower and settle down for the night soon.
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  3. Nice where u from? Its just getting to be morning here in NY 448AM
  4. Australia, its 6:30pm here.

    You said you were going through family court evidence, can I ask what you do for work?
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  5. Well i work at an elementary school, im currently going through my own family court evidence, highlighting, putting in order, and deciding what can be used the most\what i dont need. I have my 2nd appearance tomorror for custody&continuation of an order of protection. This will be the first court date we are appointed public defenders, can present evidence etc..
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  6. Good luck, and your a teacher? I wish my teachers blazed haha.

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  7. G'day Astro, a fellow Victorian Hobbit?

    OP, yeah an early night too:)
  9. Southie mate, but good too see another Aussie! Your name gave it away.
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  10. It has that effect, but i loathe diggin dirt;)...
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