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Whats everybody's computer connection?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. How are you connected to the internet?

    56k modem




    Which do you have?
  2. I've got 56k. I hope to get DSL next month but its a little expen$ive.
  3. I've got good ole cable.. :smoke:
  4. I got a 56k but on a good day i can hit 33.6 cause my fone liens are all jizzly. I wanna rewire my apartment back to the TNI with CAT5 twisted pair, maybe someday when i get really ambitious.

  5. Cable here. Lovin it!
  6. Cable, and I love it!
  7. Road Runner/ Time Warner Cable :)
  8. 56K and it really sucks. After my computer's been on for a long time, it gets kinda sluggish.
  9. i have a 56K... not bad though. i used to have a 28K modem... so i'm grateful for the 56 :D
  10. T3 at school, 56k at home.
  11. man i use to have cable, but now that i moved i got 56k. It fucking sucks hardcore to have cable for almost 4yrs then to go back to 56k. Im thinking of trying out dsl this time around, cause i think dsl is a lil cheaper but then you gotta have a phone line hooked up so that costs money too so it might not be cheaper i dunno i gotta look into it.
  12. We still have that yell and code telegraph down here..

    We yell out the window and the guy at the telegraph office sends the message by Morris code to it's destination..

    It can take up to 10 minutes to post
  13. HIGH All, DSL and loving it. Question to the cable users...we lose our cable up here a lot and I was wondering if the cable gets knocked out, are you still hooked up?
  14. I've got Satelite now. It is great unless we have a bad storm or heavy snow..

    It's a bit expensive though!

  15. Hmmm....we haven't lost our cable since we got a cable modem...not that I remember anyway

    I wonder if we would still be connected
  16. Same here Hempress!

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