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What's everybody smoking today?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Vinlandmed420, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Been smoking some monster cookies from Swell Farmacy today feeling awesome, what strains are all of you enjoying.
  2. French Cookies and Plat. Girl Scout Cookies from a dispensary in southern California.:smoke:
  3. Well clearly but which strains?
  4. Nice any of the girl scouts are awesome

  5. I'm smoking on some Tangie just had a bong of the stuff gonna watch F is for Family :smoke:

  6. Nice strain man
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  7. Thanks bro I picked up 9gs of it the other day, stuff gets me lit after a couple of joints/bong rips:smoking::smoking:

  8. I picked up a quarter of monster cookies, a quarter of a hybrid the dispensary called cali connection that I'd never heard of but it smells good, a quarter of white lotus, and an eighth of the best gdp I've ever smoked earlier this week, half a gram of any of them gets me good and a gram gets me baked, rolled a 2 gram blunt and was glued to a lawn chair for 3 hours.
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  9. Sweet bro sounds good to me, I had the same problem as you last Sunday I smoked nearly a gram of tangie in the garden while having a BBQ I also had 12 beers too didnt move for 6 hours nearly :smoking::smoking:
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  10. HawiianSkunk topped with hash from the coffee grinder 16523043264502204588673266018723.jpg
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  11. Oh hell yeah, last night I smoked a little sampler of my white widow plant before I went to bed.

    Smoked the rest of it just now and it kicked me in the dick. That nice teary eye sour smoke, I'm loving it. So happy to have some good smoke.
  12. Dah goods, probably some wedding cake, some blueberry home mix, some I don't know but that shits f-ing good.
    Maybe some mango Sherb x home.
    Thinking of busting out some... yah here we go!
    Some Cosmo x bucket list PXL_20220512_164938520.jpg kind of a softer flower, floral notes, lime, good full smoke. Kinda skunky but remains super smooth. Relaxing high.
    Seeded out as can be, so joints are the way to roll.
    Crossed this girl with a white widow x blueberry, can't wait to grow her kids. Guess I'll drop some seeds while I'm at it.
  13. Almost finished my supply of purple kush, almost ready to harvest my two Super Skunk plants.
  14. Honey Waffles (LSO), Quadra Pink and some GMO aka Garlic Cookies.
    The Honey Waffles is a sativa dominant hybrid of unknown lineage. At 33.1% THC it is OUTSTANDING weed.
    Quadra Pink is a heavy indica with that typical sweet, gassy taste and hard hitting effects pinks are famous for. Especially at 35.3% THC levels.
    Garlic Cookies is a cross of GSC and Chemdawg. 36.7% THC levels and 5.2% total terpenes. Damn great high and as an added bonus it stinks out my upstairs neighbour, who is a fucking idiot anyway. lol

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