Whats eating my plants!?!?!? +rep

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  1. Alright GC i got 2 plants with similar problems. they are sitting outside in my back yard for a few days to make sure they do ok before i take them and but them at the spot. when i checked them this morning this is what i found...please help

    dead squiggly lines on lower leafs.

    and like a bite mark out of an upper leaf on the right

    my first thought is that its a slug or snail or something. if you know what it is please let me know and if you know how to kill it that'd be even better. +rep to good answers. thanks guys.

    Sorry the pics are blury they are taken with my phone.
  2. BUMP- please help guys, i just checked them again and they were much worst. some missing whole leaves. also there was a grass hopper on the side of one of the pots they are in. do you think grasshoppers would eat a cannabis plant? PLEASE HELP
  3. The pictures are miserable, can you use the macro feature on your camera?

    Snails usually leave a little train on the leaf, are there any visible bugs?
  4. I looked a little closer at you horrible pics and I do think it's a slug or snail, you can get some spray are the store, or just use mild dish soap.
  5. yea thanks i realize they pics ae bad i already said that in the first post. anyway, ok so ill try the soap. thanks
  6. alright guys this isnt working....and tonight when i checked them another grasshopper was sitting in the plant munchin away. so new question is HOW DO YOU GET RID OF GRASSHOPPERS
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    Check out this page about getting rid of grasshoppers on marijuana:

    marijuana seeds growing - How do I control Grasshoppers?

    Hope it helps!

    edit - are there a LOT of grasshoppers around where you have your plants? If it is just one or two go out and squish those fuckers, that will be the best way to get rid of them without poison. ;)
    If there are too many to manually squish then probably some of the info in that link will help.

    Another page on killing grasshoppers, though this one is not MJ related: http://www.ehow.com/how_5533538_kill-grasshoppers-grass.html

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