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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Decided since i got medical permission by state law that ima start growin weed , ive never attempt to grow weed ive allways been a buyer my whole life. Just wondering which is easier for first time growers , indoors or outdoors ? thanks
  2. well there's allways debates over the same question....lots of people swear by growing outdoors and say that it's stronger, and you can get more bud.......but then some say the convenience of growing indoors far outweighs it, and the bud can be just as potent and with the right amount of light, care and attention can get allmost as much bud.....good thing about outdoors is...no height restrictions....but more chance if people know you are allowed to grow, your crop will dissappear......Peace out......Sid
  3. yeah there are alot of good things about both, outdoor is easier in my oppinion just because you have to do less to provide adiquate conditions, but if you don't have a place where no one can see it go for the indoor.
  4. if u r on a budget go outdoors as soon as da lst frost ends. let mother nature do da work for u all u gotta do is give ferts every so often an may b sum organic pesticides if u haven dat kinda troubl other den dat its pretty much it.

    on da other hand if u have a lighting system an dont mind da possibilty of yo house been taken away if your caught u can grow indoors were u are god u control all aspects of yo grow from light-temp-humidity-watering-well u get da picture lol da choice is yours. but outdoor crops temd 2 yeild a lot more at leas in my opinion its been said dat as much as a pound or more dry can b produced from one outdoor plant!!!!! aint dat sum shit?
  5. outdoors.. id put em in a nice big pot with some good fresh soil. somewhere where they can get plenty of sun, and keep them watered but dont over water them..
  6. lol u got permission???? DO BOTH !!!!!
  8. outdoors is easier

  9. well if u gonna do it.... in the summer grow the plants outside 4 veg and bring indors to flower? thers loads u cud do!
  10. yeah im with froggy man!

    plant ur self i whole field of that shit than even if some of it dont make it ull have a shit load!

    permissiom jesh
  11. Uh, if you get permission, you can only have what 12 plants? I know there is a restriction on the number of plants you can have isn't there?
  12. Where do I sign up?

    Indoors you have control and but is harder outdoors you let the weather do the work for you after all Marijuana origianlly only grew outdoors... Outdoors crops alos from my experience tend to flourish better from natural sunlight and good pruning... They tend to be able to hold more weight... Thats a good thing.
  13. 12 plants????

    jeeze 2 mama plants always putting out clones would be the way id go. or...

    2 mama plants and 22 clones...10 indoors and 12 outdoors in ur neighbors field every summer.:)

    also, if im not mistaken...where ever there is medi mj u have a beautiful growing climate. go nutz and visit me often.
  14. I would just do an outdoor grow becaus eyou wont have to spend the cash for the lights, electricity, fans ect. And outdoor weed grows so much bigger. Also you only have to water when there is a drought or if it hasent rained in over a week or two. just set up some motion detector lights to bust the kids.But maks shure the wires are buried all the way to the house cuz some kids are smart and will cut the wires to disable the lights. also dont pointhe ligths a the plants point them away so they dont interfere with flowering.
  15. Outdoors, as ppl have said u have less height restricition and the conditions are better and it also cheap and where can I get an application to have permission to grow...seriously I want one!
  16. how did ya get permission??
  17. cuz he get its medically
  18. HIGH All, not if you have a terminal disease which most Med users have.
  19. i wonder if i could get a doctor to falsly diagnose me with a desease so i could get a licence:D
  20. Id say start some indoors and finish outdoors... grow some monsters!!!!

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