What's death like in Grass City?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by GGrass, May 6, 2011.

  1. For many of us who's addicted to GC, we view ourselves as an individual in a city of blades.

    A person, living amongst many other citizens in a city that is called the "Grass City".

    And I'm wondering, what is death like in Grass City?
  2. Some time ago, there was a blade who died in GC... his name was 'since93'.

    He has had some problems adopting to the city, and sadly he is never to be heard from again...

    So I conclude that he is dead.

    And I'm wondering, how he felt, when he died.
  3. There is no death in grass city...

  4. well were you attached? ;)

  5. Attached to what? ;)
  6. Yeah... I was... I gues I still am...
  7. it's a giant monty python foot stomping on you after you've done something you were warned not to do for the umpteenth time.
  8. There is blood in your hand... is it his blood?
  9. Can someone explain what you guys are talking about?
  10. I think I might die soon. People from this City die guys. It's how it goes.
  11. Maybe he didn't see it as an end, he could have saw it as a new beginning

    Maybe he joined a different forum
  12. Nobody dies here, they merely choose to reside elsewhere.
  13. its a fuckin forum, you don't die you stop posting or leave.

    what about people who make accounts and don't ever post? were they ever alive?
  14. stoner_lukas.....................

  15. who is that
  16. free since93!
  17. He was probably thinking, lolz
  18. Whether we drop out the city or drop out a life we still are

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