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what's considered excessive use of herb today?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kuriouskat, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I have been smoking weed for more than 50 years, I am a drummer, and it is how I center myself, three hits or so ... BUT I have a question to those experienced smokers,
    do you know anyone who uses so much in their bedroom, that the windows even have resin on them ... this party (I have been told by his mother,) uses at least a quarter oz a day, or more. Is this common these days? This guy hardly comes out of his room, and tokes off a bong all day and night? Anyone know of others using this much weed daily?
  2. That's not normal. Addicition can happen with anything and if you actually look up the definition of what an addiction is, its pretty suprising.

    Sure, weed is an awsome tool to help write and bring out your creative side but if you smoke like that, when you don't smoke, your brain isnt going to know what the fuck is going on.

    I smoke once a day at 3 am after work and sometimes the next day at work i can feel myself struggle with i mix that with lack of sleep or excercise.
  3. 50 years???

    damn. yeah I would say that's a lot of smoking to me but really it's all subjective.
  4. I wish I could afford to toke that much lol. But I would have to say if he's smoking all that by himself, it's a bit excessive. Weed should be an accessory to your life, it shouldn't BE your life.
  5. I smoke mostly everyday, but a quarter oz? Calling bullshit
  6. He still lives with his mother, that should tell you right there. Smoking a great but when all you do is smoke there is a big problem. Get your priorities and responsibilities taken care of, then smoke.

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    Nothing wrong with smoking a quarter oz a day as long as you can afford it and you're not a holed up in your room all day, unless you work from home or some shit, but it sounds like you're talking about a kid, I don't think the mom knows what she's talking about.
  8. Double post on accident :(

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