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Whats Chronic ??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UrAverageStoner, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. What is Chronic ? I hit up my dealer and she said that its chronic and to watch out how much i smoke .. is it laced or something ? HELP
  2. 1. LOL

    2. you stole my icon and im pissed

    3. "chronic" is what you would call some bomb ass shit. its "good" weed. not that brown poop you've probably been smoking. Its the AK47, maui wowie, diesel, and kush you hear about so often. Its what you want to smoke! Yet it can be expensive. 20 a g, 60 a eigth, 110 a quarter, and 350 an O.

  3. HAHA but someone said it means its laced with crack and were i live ( nebraska ) its just Schwag what i smoke
  4. chronic is the name for DANK ( awesome, super good ) weed
  5. Where I live, "Chronic" means bud sprinkled with blow...

  6. Thats What I Heard Too thats why i was worried
  7. where I live Chronic just refers to weed in general...
  8. Why would a guy put $10 worth of coke on $20 worth of weed then sell it to you for $20 and try and trick you? He loses $10.
  9. well i dont know what the hell is going on in nebraska but ive never heard of chronic being weed laced with crack. just smoke it and if its laced then its fucking laced and you can't do anything about it lol!. or post some quality pictures of it and we could tell you if its laced.

  10. most of the time, when dealers lace their weed they charge you extra, and generally will tell you.
  11. Remember prices differ greatly depending on location. I learned that the hard way. :eek:

  12. Aight i well Soon im getting it at wed or thurs

  13. I've been smoking weed for like 15-16 years and I've never had that happen.

  14. I've heard of it, and seen it
  15. LA slang for super weed

  16. Thats what i thought
  17. Too oldschool for this crowd :cool:
  18. chronic to a lot of people is the dank dank, but to me and my friends its always been known as good headies normally bud sold for $10 a G instead of the usual $20. but thats become so covered up by all the hot shots who run around screamin yo man im puffin chronic..

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