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Whats Causing These Headaches?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Crackhead420, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Ok so I haven't smoked a long time prior to this and generally I don't smoke often. A couple days ago I smoked 0.7 grams of some Amnesia Haze in a joint, I put a tiny line of tobacco in my joint. Not enough to feel the nicotine just to help it burn. This was dank weed as is my usual weed, however I sometimes get headaches after I'm high, so during my high I'm fine but after I get headaches. This isn't because of the quality cause I always get dank not even mids. And I don't think its cause of the tobacco cause I've had cannabis with higher amounts of tobacco and never got a headache from them. So I'm wondering where this headache is coming from?? Its never during my high. I'm not a regular smoker however I don't believe tobacco causes the headaches as I also can get headaches after smoking pure. This is not all the time but sometimes I get the headaches.
  2. I don't think its deyhydration cause I drank a 2 litre bottle of coke...
  3. However I did just recover from an illness. BUT I wasn't really ill that day and how does that explain the other times when 99% I'm not ill?
  4. coke is AWFUL for your body, and actually dehydrates you more.
    So yeah, drink water.
  5. this^^^^^^ 90% of head aches are dehydration....... caffeine blocks cells ability to rehydrate....
    you are a crackhead 
  7. This wasn't brand coke it was some unknown one with no caffeine in it haha however I had a caffeine pill an hour after smoking... And a can of normal coke with caffeine so yh you could be on to something. Then what can I drink other than coke to keep hydrated? I stay outside while blazed so I can't get water from the tap and I always bring squash but that's never enough ahah and I don't want to buy water from the shops its a waste when I can get a nice energy drink.
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    Dude all you need is unsweetened tea, put some ice in it if your prefer a cool drink.
    Its healthy as hell, cheap as balls, and totally delicious.
  9. Tea contains caffeine ahah, I guess ill drink something without caffeine but sweet and see
  10. Most organic tea doesn't have caffeine, I know I don't drink tea with caffeine in it.
  11. Hmm I didn't know that, what brands? And I'm not really a fan of tea, maybe ice tea?
  12. You are probably taking in more air than smoke.
  13. thats coke.
    drink water ! wtf lol pop isnt water homie
  14. inhaling tobacco the way you inhale weed smoke could give ya a headache

    but its probs just dehydration
  15. Idk man I got stoned last night and woke up with a mild headache that felt like it could've been painful I'd it gained strength.
  16. Make sure you get all the stems out of the bud and be hydrated and you should be good.
  17. Yep thanks! I think the main cause is dehydration, is squash without caffeine ok to rehydrate?
  18. When I started smoking I used to get headaches when I forgot to take stems out. 
  19. Why dont you just carry a waterbottle with you? It is very cheap and convenient!

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