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What's bugging you right now????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. So, what is it?

    There are two things bugging the shit out of me right this very instant. The light on my geckos tank is buzzing.'s constant. If I turn it off, he loses his heat source. There's nothing I can do........unless I turn it off and turn his night light on instead. Ok. 1 down. COOL!

    The 2nd thing is that my dog won't quit licking his paws. I've told him a hundred times to stop it or go on. If he leaves the room, he goes just outside the door and starts licking again like I can't hear him. But it's funny cause he's so stupid looking and he makes me crack up every time I look at him.

    So.... I guess that nothing's buggin me so much, anymore. Being high at the City solved all of my problems!!!
  2. It's friggin cold and gray and the walls are starting to close in!

    I guess I'll go see how the ol' lame horse is taking the weather. A little time in the cold makes you appreciate a warm spot to hang!
  3. What's bugging me?????

    thinking about spending 72 straight hours at my parents house and trying to sneak around and not get caught smoking. Hell, I'm 37 going on 17 again for a weekend!
  4. ugh. my fishtank was buzzing like crazy for the last week or so..I couldnt get around to taking care of it..finally did though and I dont think using dw40 was the best idea...considering the area on the filter I had to spray. well they look alright. and at least I can sleep without that damn noise.
    so I gotta work the graveyard shift again. and thats buggin me. work work work. I dont mind so much so, cause I know I neeeeed the money and it is relativly keeping me out of trouble, but the only thing is Im so damn tired from standing all night that my legs are tooo damn tired! Its not so much that Im tired, but my pegs are! and I cant workout, run thats whats buggin me. thanks!
  5. A while back I got this new motherboard, well it turns out it's pretty large, and even though it'll fit in my computer it gets bad ventilation now, so I bought this very small but very powerful cooling fan for my cpu. IT'S WAY TOO DAMN LOUD. I'd liken it to the same amount of noise you'd get if you turned on a small drill a dentist would use every time you wanted to use your pc.

  6. Hahahahahaha you'll never grow up! LOL

    Ashley said to tell you hello. I told her that you wanted to meet her so bad. She said oh no not another fan. I said more like a fantasy

    Happy Thanks giving to ya brother!

    If you find time this weekend, I'll try to get you and Ashley in the same spot for a while!!!
  7. What bugs the hell out of me right now is how understaffed I am at work and how I have no life aside from working 16 hrs a day and 7 days a week!!!!! I miss clubbing on the weekends and I'm so tired when I spend time with my new man that I get stoned and just end up asleep so our quality time consists of him watching me sleep!!!!!!!!!

    But anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!!!!!
  8. what's bugging me right now is my parents. they're more against weed than the DEA (or at least it seems that way). i even offered to show them facts about it showing how it's not really bad at all (well, a little... but nothing really worth worrying much over), but they still won't hear it. they won't even listen to any of the info. ugh... if i get caught smoking one more time i get the boot... plus in about a month i'm going to have to start taking random drug tests... i figure this gives me about 2 more weeks, then i'm gonna get 2 1 week detox kits from GNC, just to be sure. then i'll stay clean for a while until the UT's stop and i'll get to burn again :D lol. hopefully by then i'll have a car and greatly lower my risk of getting caught... hopefully...
  9. wELL IT'S A LITTLE LATER IN THE p.m. NOW AND THE OL' HORSE APPEARS TO BE GETTING ON NICELY WITH THIS FIRST BLAST OF CANADIAN....................awshit.........had the cap locks on again! That's bugging me right now........well it was, I just fixed that problem, so back to what was bugging before.

    If you Canadians are going to be sending your "air" down here onto the plains you could a least send some second hand smoke with it. Maybe I would'nt notice the cold so bad. I might even look forward to it!

    But it's toasty in the house and in my head, so I guess that ain't bugging me right now either.

    I'm just not very good at this.

    Lemme see.

    Yesterday our fish tank was making the big gurgle sound too.

    Makes me have to go pee a lot.

    But that was yesterday.

    You did say right now did'nt you?


    Just can't think of nothing.

    I'll try again later.

  10. That's great Bud Head, before I get a chance to ever meet her, you tell her I'm a weirdo deranged stalker. Thanks a lot partner.

    Tell her I said hello and to say hello to her Momma for me. I hope Miss Naomi is doing fine these days. (see I do have a little bit of Southern courtesy).

    I doubt I have any time this weekend to pay a visit with you and Miss Ashley. I'll be on the road either head to the parents or headed back home to Graceland. (BTW, Graceland is the name of my farm). But ask Ashley if she is watching the Kentucky basketball games out in Hawaii. I watched them tear up Arizona State last night and those home grown Kentucky boys looked real good.
  11. whats bugging me...well....i was meditating...and i used this autosuggestion technique impowering myself to hear/see/manipulate astrally while walking in a somewhat normal state of mind....and now i hear like a constant flickering sound that torches make (fire in the wind. ya kno, that funny flapping sound) and occasionally i hear like whispering but if i try to concentrate on it then it goes away and im not sure if it was really whispering or not....ive been clean for like 2 weeks its sorta scary cuz i cant blame it on dxm or anything
    its really annoying....i love it but its bugging me
  12. Ahoy All! What's buggin this newbie is bein stuck in a swamp in Muddissippi, havin ta wait till spring to go back to Fla!

    I'm sooo glad I found this site too:) After smokin for over 30 years and sailin around the world a few times it's nice ta see that the Stoner generation is doin just fine and can be found right here:):):)
    Da"Keepin Da Faith"Captn
  13. what's buggin me is spending nearly $200 for a piece that looks like someone crapped out of their ass!!! what's buggin me is I won't be able to smoke my dr0 and arizona outdoor grown in a phat piece. that's what's buggin me!

  14. P.O.S AOL dsl is buggin me i finally got rid of it and got sbc dsl and now that thing wasnt working so i had to go into my tower and reinstall all of these drivers and ethernet adapters and inhale dust for an hour cuz my parents are puter illiterate oh well its done and im back on the site....
  15. hmm *looks around through his squinting eyes*ill pass on the modem but ill take a hit or 31.25

    now that i ended my dry spell...whats bugging vision is like moving but the edges are slow....hmm my dog is funny cuz hes a golden retriever and he doesnt know how to bring the ball back...maybe its cuz he got his cut off so we didnt have little rosco's
  16. Two things are bugging me again. The first one is driving me nuts. I keep getting toe cramps...or foot cramps...I'm not sure. My toes cramp up and I can't move them. It only lasts for maybe a minute but it sucks because cramps don't feel good. It'll just happen out of the blue, too. I'll go weeks without having them then it'll happen several times in one day, like today...more than several actually. It can be funny when others see it happen to me and they laugh then get me laughing...but normally it's a pain in the ass.

    Here's the second thing. I hate to admit it. UGH! I have a song stuck in my's been there for about a month and I almost think I need hypnosis to have it removed. I haven't seen the show in a long time so I have no clue why it's there. The song stuck in my head is......the theme from The Love Boat! "Loooovvvve, exciting and newww, come aboooooarrrrd, we're expecting youuuu....The Loovvveee Booooaattt....." It's driving me up the damn wall. I need help, I think. Of all songs to be tortured by, why that one?

    It's time to smoke another bowl...
  17. i didn't bring enough weed with me to school to last me the week an da half until winter break, that means i have to go without or buy some here where all you can buy are grams for $20 and i have a 1/4-1/2 sitting at home. well i won't make that mistake again.

    another thing, my room mate was drinking rasberry twist earlier, i got really sick off of that and just the smell makes me nausous, so my room has a faint twinge in the air of the stuff... but i just changed the drug smell so that problem is solved.

    now to figure out the weed problem...

    *scrape, scrape*

    well i have a temporary solution

    *pulls fingers apart with strings of goey black resin coming apart as they separate*
  18. Hmmm maybe its my little dumb fuck friend who is telling this friend of mine,she is religous, that I always talk about sex, pull my dick out in public, and talk shit about her. Of course he says no and says that he didnt say it like that. Lil prick
  19. I got these dog bones for my monster and he's on the floor at my feet crunching the hell out of this bone that smells like formaldehyde. I had some friends over last night and I kept telling everyone that I smelled lab frogs and they all thought I was crazy. I swear, it's his bone. Do they put that shit on bones? I need to know cause it's bugging the hell outta me and I don't want my dog to be chomping on something soaked in formaldehyde. UGH! Maybe, just maybe, I'm crazy and don't really smell it...but I'm really thinking I do.

  20. OMG dude (or dudette) you cracked me up.
    You sound like my long lost twin.
    Can anyone say HIGH MAINTENANCE? LOL
    I'm kidding. But those two things are the type of stuff
    that really annoy me to distraction.
    When my cats lick, I nudge them off the bed or scat them
    out of a room. It just drives me nuts!

    High pitched noises also make me crazy.
    We have something on our grow cabinet that squeals
    occasionally and the hubby can't hear it, just me.
    So consequently, it never gets fixed.
    Those are my issues though.
    Getting ready to smoke a J right now so I won't be
    worryin' bout nary a thing.

    Peace on you this Sunday all.

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