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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by legalize.it.420, May 28, 2009.

  1. hey guys i was wondering whats better to use for a reflective material inside my grow box
    a) tin foil
    b)shiny bubble wrap

    the shiny bubble wrap is pretty much the same as tin foil but its kinda insulated but my box is made of stirofoam so which do you think is better hopefully by 10 answers ill choose because i have both
  2. is the styrofoam white? just leave it. I dont know what shiny bubble wrap is but tin foil will make the box too hot.
  3. agreed metalic surraces not only reflect light but they reflect heat as well this can work as an advantage or disadvantige, depends on how large your area is but i would just paint the walls white if they arent already. happy growing :)
  4. do NOT use anything with Styrofoam, when the hot months hit you'll thank me. It will be like a mini marijuana plant oven. Just go buy emergency blankets they are the same price. Foil is bad too. Flat white paint or mylar.
  5. Yea I can tell you from experience foil is horrible. It will create hot spots in your garden and reflect light unevenly.

    Go to your hydro store and look for something called white/black. While it reflects 95% of the light back, it makes light impossible to get through cause of the black side on the back and light can't get through it for the same reason. Flat white paint works great to. I don't like mylar just cause its like tin foil, once you crinkle it it reflects light unevenly.

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