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Whats better?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazinBlunts420, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. never got realy technical with my weed just go buy some then smoke it

    and i come on here and people talk about diferent strains being sativa or indica dominant

    which is better? if you could call it 'better' i guess
  2. It is all really a matter of what kind of high you want. I love the headie high of a sativa during the day and a strong sativa for the deeper body buzz and couch-lock. My favorite would is a 75/25 sativa/indica hybrid.
  3. Indicas all the way with me man. Harder to find but well worth it . Honestly it all depenends what you like doing when your high bro. If you liek sitting inside watchin tv making food and playing video games drinkin a few brews sparkin some blunts and conversation than sativa is whats up . However, ive found that an indica is almost more social weed due to the fact its more fun to get outside and explore with. A good indica will make a walk to a convenient store an adventure. BUt hey man as long as it aint brown and aint seedy its all good baby
  4. ah cool thanks guys

    think sativa would be more my style

    just wondering cause im probably gonna start try growing in a year ot two when i get something set up and was just wondering
  5. sativas for me :hello: ..but it's just personal preference

    I highly doubt there'll ever be a war between sativa-lovers and indica-lovers ;)

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