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Whats better to smoke-Bud grinded up OR broken up by hand??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SplitGenetics, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I was wondering what people like better in a pipe/bowl, grinded up Buddha or broken up by hand? I feel like it hits me a little harder when its grinded up, but is that just me? leave your view...
    Peace & Love
  2. It really makes no difference other than you might get a better cherry off of ground up bud. I never grind my bud but thats just personal preferance.
  3. it dont matter because by the end of the day.

    it gets me nice and high.

  4. its all preference. im a hand broken guy. i have owned three grinders and all of them are just to much hassle.
  5. I feel like ground up bud burns faster. I like ripped by fingers for bowls.
  6. I like hand cut better
    Usually with a grinder It's very easy to overdo the grind and it becomes too fine, and when it's very fine it's usually harsher
  7. I like breaking it up by hand because I can inspect it a little better, plus I just love touching it and looking at it,etc.

    Grinders are nice if you have massive amounts you need broken up. If it's an 8th I'll just use my hand, an ounce I'll use a grinder.

    Yeah that's another reason why I break it up by hand. I have had many, many sacks where I grind it 1 turn too many and it's all shake and bowls go really fast, which means the sack doesn't last as long.
  8. it "hits harder" if you grind it up because theres more bud in less space and your still lighting the same amount of space
  9. Think about it.

    A grinder is a device designed with the specific purpose of grinding up your weed.

    Your hands are well, your hands.
  10. i usually break it up by hand.
  11. I break it up as much as I possibly can
  12. By hand is best in my opinion but the difference is minor. Grinders are just easy. My grinders tend to collect cobwebs. Nothing beats carefully and gently breaking apart a bud. To me it's part of my smoking experience.
  13. You're gonna get just as high as you were in the first place with either in my opinion. Grinding it doesn't add anymore THC crystals.
  14. all it does is make breaking it down faster and if you grind it fine enough its easier to roll
  15. I'm currently breaking it by hand. I had a 4 stage $120 space case grinder..but then my brother came into my house one night and took it when I was sleeping. So i'm saving up again. But i've never overground with a single stage grinder, I like ground bud because it seems to cherry better and at the end of the day, you have more bud in the same amount of space.
  16. It's all preference all though I've heard if it's grounded up there's more surface area to burn but I'm not sure if that effects the amount of smoke you inhale. Also, I know some Jamaicans and they swear by cutting it up with scissors, I don't know the reason but I just thought I would share

  17. That's fucked up. Why wouldn't you get back from your brother?
  18. I believe if you hand break the bud, you lose THC because your fingers absorb it. I'm not entirely sure though.
  19. Not really if you do it right. A tiny amount of resin might stick to your fingers but you're talking a miniscule amount. On the flip side, grinders are just brute force and smash up some of the goodness. Again a miniscule difference, but always smoke it right after grinding and never pre grind your weed. Oxidation does degrade THC especially after the flower has been all ripped up.
  20. I've done both, it really doesn't matter. Ground up bud kinda cherries longer so the bowl stays rolling and you don't have to keep lighting it. I, personally, like to pick my bud apart for a personal bong bowl and use my grinder when i'm rolling a j/blunt.

    If you get a grinder, get a pollen catching grinder

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