Whats better, joining the Army or Law Enforcement?

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  1. Just in case I don't make it in the army, I'm thinking about becoming a cop.

    They're pretty much a private army by the government, with sergeants lieutenants weapons etc.
    Even uniforms look familiar a little.
    Best part is: they don't even have to go to war 😂

    Which branch is better Army or Police? & why?

    I'd like to serve and protect my country 😊
    Thanks in advance 🙋

  2. Law enforcement, hands down.

  3. alot of cops used to be in the armed forces. i would do a stint in the army. maybe you can find a job you will enjoy when you get out.
    dont be a cop first. your limiting yourself to being a cop where as at least in the army you have the ability to grow towards a new career

  4. What they don't tell you is what cops see on a regular basis. You might as well be in a war.

    My grandfather was a police officer in the 60's (supposedly a time where everyone was kind and nothing happened) and the stories he told me made me sick to my stomach.

    Couldn't imagine how he handled responding to scenes of dead children when he had 4 kids at home.

    It's your call OP. A weed forum isn't really the best place to ask this IMO.

  5. I think you should be a dancer.

  6. do both you will be top shit in the pd, marine here.
  7. You really should have put more thought into your decision.

    Which...I might add, is already made if I'm not mistaken.[​IMG]

  8. army it is... The uniforms look better 😅
  9. army. you can study for free. cops is a dead end bureaucracy job and nobody likes cops

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  10. I know a few cops.. most of them are unhappy with their jobs. It involves lots of down time, lots of paper work, lots of bureaucracy and internal politics. If you're looking to make a career out of it, I've heard working for a big city is the way to go.. lots more room for advancement.

    I don't know any one who has stuck in the army/military as a life career. Most of the people I know do 4-8 years and get out.

  11. I wouldn't recommend either and I have had family spend their life in both. The military is great but the moving around comes every few years with orders. Police nowadays also have education requirements, like a bit of college. Also there is push toward cops who know psychology because they are better equipped to handle people and situations.
  12. I have friends who are/were in the military, and a fair amount in law enforcement (tons in corrections, but few cops)

    Everyone in the military I know are chill including a close friend who went through some serious shit, and everyone in law enforcement and corrections are really intense people, with a few on the downright crazy side
  13. Also, often police departments do really extensive background checks on people they are going to hire. They often require letters of referrals from your neighbors, I've heard some towns/departments will contact your neighbors directly, will contact your ex's, things like that.

  14. Neither, both high risk jobs with good chance of being murdered. Constantly on the lookout for your enemies and making shitty decisions in fear of your life.
  15. To become a police officer you'll need a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, that's a 4 year stint of school plus academy training. I would opt for the army out of the two. Now can you please sir, stop making all these threads about basically the same thing? I know you're hella excited about the prospect of changing your life and serving your country. But wowzers man lol. Good luck in whatever you do decide to do.

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  16. don't become a cop theres already enough pigs in the world.
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  17. Well, at least if you become a cop and don't like it, you can quit. And requirements for hire vary wildly between departments, so none of us can tell you exactly what you need.

    And like Lenny said, just because you're not in a combat zone doesn't mean you won't have to deal with fucked up shit. PTSD, depression, and substance abuse are rampant in emergency services, much like the military. It's not for everyone and it can weigh you down hard.

    I don't think either is something to do on a whim, so if you don't really know, neither. Just my two cents though. And depending on what your definition of protecting and serving the country is, you might be better off finding other ways to serve the people in your country anyway.

    Good luck in whatever you do. And don't let anyone convince you that death is romantic or noble. Watch out for yourself and stay true.

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  18. become neither
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    We could use corrupt cops, though.

    As in .. cops with a conscience.

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