what's better? High school or the real world?

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  1. in terms of good times worry free getting stoned
  2. In those terms, high school.

    It's kind of 50/50 in my opinion. You have freedoms you didn't have in high school, but it's the same vice versa.
  3. They both were extreme disapointments.
  4. They are one in the same in a nutshell.
  5. High school is the real world.
  6. Fuck highschool
  7. High school was terrible.
  8. High school was fucking awesome
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    Well in the real world you don't really use much of what you learned in high school. LoL, it's not like many really learn anything in high school anyways: the teachers are too miserable to give a fuck; the students let their hormones do the thinking.

    Edit: Real World is better; High School is useless
  10. perhaps there should be a college option?
  11. Agreed, AKA university for anyone British.

    Uni life the best life.

  12. phuck that i'm just started an apprenticeship and sad that i will be missing out of uni life :(
  13. Graduated hs in may and already miss it a little.
    That's probaly cuz im not going to college until spring semester.
  14. High school had great potential for fun and less repercussions for getting in trouble. I had tons of run ins with cops during high school and never got in serious trouble. Since I turned 18 I've had more legal trouble than my first 17 years (21 now).

    However, college has provided more opportunities for crazy shit my friends and I always aspired to do when we were in high school.

    The only way the real world (as in, everything besides college) could be fun is if you want to settle down and have a family or some shit. Speaking from experience, working full time sucks and leaves so little time for fun. Plus the added stress of bills and whatnot just makes the real world suck.

    I often wish I could still be in high school just because my biggest worries were small shit like grades.

    I voted high school, because being irresponsible is fun.
  15. No offense, but I feel sorry for anyone who says high school. It's 4 years, 4 tiny fucking years of your life that don't mean shit after you've graduated. For those 4 years, your world is a fish tank ruled by dumbasses. In what's supposed to be an academic environment, the kid who can throw a football really far is glorified and put on the front page of the paper while the academic teams can barely afford matching polos. You're "graded" not according to your intellect or your ideas, but by how hard you work on mundane tasks that provide little to no intellectual stimulation. Graduation day was one of the happiest days of my life.
  16. college is real world
  17. Not quite, unless you yourself are paying your way through school and are able to completely support yourself and live independently.
  18. Last year of highschool. Get me the fuck out.
  19. This. For most people, college is all the fun parts of real life with none of the responsibility. Probably the reason everyone loves it so much.

  20. In those terms I would say high school, I had so much fun, w/o any worries, financial issues, everything was done for me.

    Buttt I also love the freedoms of being an adult out of school. I can do much more now but have to go through a lot more bs w/ the real world.

    Both have there perks, I deff miss the highschool days tho

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