What's been the happiest moment of your life thus far?

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  1. I think it's when I made FC Dallas' practice team when I was 18... I hate knee injuries :(

    Anything goes!
  2. My first trip
  3. looking into the eyes of a wonderful girl on a perfect night camping in the Bitteroot mountains, the first time she said she loved me

    hate all you want.
  4. Witnessing the disgusting sight of child birth, Then holding my son for the first time.
  5. Hahahahahahahhahaha^^^^^
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    21st b day. Litre of grey goose and some beer with a few good friends. Laser tag while shit faced(best and worst decision of my life). And exactly a week later my very first date with Lucy and my first time smoking hash. Fucking wormholes pulling me in all night man.

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  7. I can agree with this...First my son then 7 years later my daughter...:cool:
  8. Woot Im right their with you guys! I got my first son that is 3 and my second that was born in april of this year!:hello:
  9. Losing my virginity
  10. The ever continuing present.
  11. Good moment's in life come and go.But i'm telling you the happiest moment's in life is being with family.
  12. probably going to Italy for 2 weeks when i was 16. shit was awesome.
  13. My nephews birth <3
  14. Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup parade 2008.
  15. Holding my son after he was born..it's so far past any great feeling you could think of
  16. Still waiting for it :(
  17. Cruising around my town at 3am on my board, twisted as fuck

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