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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D-Loc420, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. Well i haven't posted in awhile so i decided to let yaz know whats been going on well me and my so called friend "J" are on speaking terms again, and shits been going alright between us, no herb deals have been made yet so far but i might go off with him tommarrow night and we might get sum but i'm going with them like before (they used to come pick me up and we'ed go see our guy) but if they say we can go get it and come back, FUCK that shit, but i guess we are friends again but whatever, it's all good i got sumbody else to go through now too so i guess i got 2 hook-ups, but anyways, well last weekend i went down to one of my friends houses and go BAKED god i bought a quater and 2 dimes i got the money exchanged for bud right on the spot like i like it to be. but i was sittin' in my car in my backyard this past sunday night, tokin', HOTBOXIN' that mofo out and all the sudden i here sirens and see blue flashing lights and was like O shit they know i'm down here, they know what i'm doing, no wait how could they, so i got out and went up the driveway and looked, well turns out they just pulled over sum dude (right in front of my house!) for speeding or sum BS. but i started to freak out for a sec. well went in got them munchies and flew that KB high the rest of the night, well gotta go, c-Yaz

    PEACE OUT!!!
  2. my cat just threw up on the floor
  3. D-Loc420:
    Glad to hear your friend and you are hangin' out again, glad also to hear you're not lettin go of your $ until you get the herbage. Keep on tokin' and check in with us once in awhile! :)

    Aww poor lil kitty. He/she doin OK now? My cat coughed up his first hairball ever the other day, I'd never had a cat before so I thought he was dying @ first LOL
  4. lol i had forgotten about that post...lol what a random thing to say....yea my cats fine...i guess she just ate too much of the expensive cheese (which i WAS going to put on a sandwich).
  5. lol funny how that happens, cats taking your food from ya :D

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