whats autoflowering ?

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  1. what exactly is a autoflowering plant how do you do the light cycle?
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    An autoflowering plant is one that will flower after a certain amount of TIME.
    Regardless of what the light cycle is doing. (Within sensible limits of course - don´t put them out in midwinter and expect a yield.)
    However they tend to be small and don´t yield a lot. A lot of people are of the opinion that if the penalty for growing, say, 10 plants is XXXXX, you might as well make them big ones.
  3. Thanks a lot man. cleared that up for me
  4. basically most plants go through a vegitative state first then they start to flower(the buds) auto flower skips the veg state and goes straight to flowering so there usually done in 8 weeks. the best autoflower is a cross between lowryder and ak47 i think its called easyryder its made by the joint doctor

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