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whats a seaoned toker to you??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by a_w1seman, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. ive been reading threads and on here and almost always i see ppl say to other ppl "why are you in here this is seasoned tokers" sometimes i agree with this but thats not always the case. So just out of curiosity, what do you think (in your own opinion) makes a seasoned toker??

    In my opinion i think a seasoned toker is someone who has love and respect for green and enjoys it on higher levels, not ppl who smoke just to get "fucked up" or to seem cool.

    Voice your opinions and see what ppl think Seasoned Smokers are.
  2. someone who uses the search button before they post a thread topic that is usually posted around 3-4 times a week.
  3. I'd say it boils down to people who know what they're talking about. Obviously people who have been toking for a number of years will tend to know their shit, but it's definitely a gray area. I'd consider myself a 'seasoned' toker though, even though I've only been smoking off and on for about a year or two. I've smoked a respectable amount, can hold my weed well, and have done a bunch of research reading articles, erowid, grasscity, etc.

    So I guess its either experience, knowledge, or a combination of both?
  4. sorry man i just thot it was a good topic so i threaded it, but then again being a seasoned toker has nothing to do with using a website correctly. nonetheless i should have done that. anyway do you have an actual response for the topic??
  5. its already up im not a quitter. any actual responses now?
  6. Someone who dosent need, nor care, about the description of 'seasoned toker'.

    We all smoke bud. It's not a competition.
  7. qft...
  8. no man you took it the wrong way. i just want actual opinions on my Q. your welcome to throw some out if you want. the more the better
  9. (sigh) i dont need anything and its not a contest at all. I was just trying to talk about somthing with other ppl but this thread is pretty much fail now. GC needs to lighten up. not everything posted should be read in a negative attitude
  10. someone who has developed a deep and meaningful outlook on life with the aid of marijuana, they have "expanded their minds", basically what Bob Marley said throughout his life. that the purpose of weed doesn't end at getting high, thats only where it begins. Marijuana is a tool that lets one shed their ego/anything that ties their mind to the materialistic world and lets them explore new ideas and gain a greater understanding of the world. the problem today is that weed has become no different that booze, in that people just smoke it to get high, not that that's wrong, it's just that one can learn so much when in that state. the best way to put it is that the world is presented to us in a very 2 dimensional way. throughout our lives we are taught to think very materialistically, and choices are usually made based on how the outcome will effect oneself. weed makes everything 3 dimensional. there's no real way to discribe it other than the fact that it just does. so i think a seasoned toker isn't primarily based on how many strains of bud you've smoked, or what kind of bong(s) you own, but also on what you have learned, how much wiser you have become since you started toking. i would much rather hear someone talk about how they realised that all humans and the world we know is just a bunch of vibrating particles condensed into a small space than how many bowls you smoked the night before, etc, etc. like i said before, there's nothing wrong with all that, but can you cross that threshold? can you tear down everything you've been taught and rebuild it based on what you feel is right? and then actually enact that newfound philosophy
  11. What a great answer very well said. Thats the kinda thing this thread needed. other ppl feel free to express your thoughts on the subject so we can all gain more knowledge collectivly

  12. Couldnt have said it better^
  13. I think a seasoned toker is a person who is totally at peace with himself while high or sober. It's the kind of person that understands that marijuana can help expand your mind and make you think about everyday concepts from different angles and perspectives you would have never imagined without pot.
    I think a seasoned toker is able to function at a high level even when stoned because a seasoned toker is so familiar with the marijuana experience that it becomes something that can go with almost any activity. This can be extreme in a way because there are occasions when it's inappropriate to be baked but you have to trust your own discretion.
    Someone who loves smoking cannabis but doesn't let it control him / her.
  14. geez where are all these new people coming from hahahaha
  15. by the way i forgot to mention that i don't think being a "seasoned toker" has anything to do with familiarity with GC or message boards in general and that users should stop policing the threads so much

  16. this.
  17. Definatly agreed. sometimes ppl take this a tad seriously. whats the point of putting other ppl down when it takes less energy to make yourself feel better. thats aside the point i guess. good answers so far GC :hello::D
  18. Owned. + rep for the laughs
  19. policing, polluting

    its tit for tat
  20. i guess the only way to beat it is by ignoring it?

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