Whats a regular Vape session for yall??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by justebeats, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. i just got the easy vape, love it...very easy and effective..

    but i usually vape abt 1-2 bowls...like a .3 or so per bowl...

    is that standard...im used to bongs/blunts so im still tryna get used to this vape high...its very clean and awesome...

    but yea...how does a typical vape session go down for yall...do u load 1 bowl then turn it off??

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    The less you put in the bowl, the more efficient it is. .3 grams is a shit load to put in a vaporizer.

    A bowl size that I mostly use is about .05 grams, and I usually don't finish it haha. I go on toking for about an hour and then "turn it off" (I use a VaporGenie that uses lighters, so it's not really being turned off).
  3. My thoughts exactly.

    Unless it's a volcano or something.
  4. Bout .3 in the VaporBros, get high as fuuuuuuck, than load it into the bong and get retarded. Feels good man.
  5. If vaped properly, you have no reason to be smoking vaped weed.

    The THC level should be ~ .1% in properly vaped bud.
  6. Who said THC is the only thing he is after?
  7. From my understanding, what's left but plant matter?
  8. 2 or 3 bowls or about 0.1 if im vaping im tryna get ripped with wut little i have because if i have bud i like to smoke not vape

    i leave the vaping for the wake and bakes so i have bud to smoke for the rest of the day
  9. I usually go through 3-5 depending on how I feel
  10. ok cuz my dumbass neighbor who sold me the vape for $40 bucks told me to load a bowl until the whole screen is covered...

    and my vaped weed is like light brown /w green all through it...should i revape?
  11. Yes. Revape. There should be no green in it whatsoever. It should be a dark brown, about the color of tobacco.

    The bowl on my vape only holds 0.025g, and I get about 4 to 5 good hits off of one bowl.
  12. ok cool thnx ima wait till my girl gets home and re vape...
  13. kewl. Dark brown..........no green, no black.
  14. Who gives a shit, I take it out a early to use it in my bong. Stfu.

  15. Other beneficial cannabanoids that vape at higher temp than THC.

    But be careful not to burn it
  16. I usually take .3 bud then put about 3 drops of BHO on the buds then top it off with some kief to keep the oil from running to the sides of the whip and being wasted.

    but I never really use the vape (hands free vaporbrothers) by itself. I tend to leave it running the whole day and usually turn to it if my lungs start to hurt from smoking 18 hours a day, everyday.:smoking:
  17. Your plastic bong of DEATH!! lol just messing with you.
  18. so now i know you have to adjust temps while vaporizing to get the most out of your weed...

    how often do yall change the temps...like i go from 350 to 370 to 384 or so....
  19. I don't adjust the temps at all and I get the most out of my bud, for it ends up a very uniform very dark brown. The vape I use has a fixed temp that fluctuates between 365 to 395 depending on ambient temps and how fast or slow I draw.

    We just have to remember that we can also alter the temps by how fast or how slowly we draw. Most all of the digital temp displays measures the temp at the heating element..........not at your bud and therefore is not taking into account the temp changes that occur because of your draw speed.
  20. see ur vape auto fluctuates...tht means i would have to manually do it right..

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