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What's a perfect wake and bake to you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CapnCook, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. For me, I personally love to wake up and get moving a little bit. After that I'll pack a bowl while making some coffee and then take a seat and hit up the ps4 or sit on my balcony. Looking for more ideas though and something to change it up a bit.

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  2. I love smoking after i get ready and eat and stuff ill roll a blunt and sit outside with coffee and a cig literally the best part of my day even better to have a few people over and just chill

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  4. Wake up, do the stuff I have to.
    Then smoke. Relax and chill.
  5. In the summer when it's warm I like to smoke at lake Michigan at sunrise/sunset. You can ask Google on your phone or do a search for your city online. Get to your spot a few minutes early good spots are vantage points and large bodies of water (can't see the other side). When I don't feel like walking down to the lakefront I just smoke on my balcony. Before I moved to this state I uses to live in Frisco so I would just take a morning smoke walk on my way to eat breakfast. It all depends tho sometimes I don't feel like going anywhere and I just smoke and watch sports center and eat food in the house. Also if you have forest or woods near by I would suggest a backpacking or camping trip. I used to wake and bake in Mendocino and the sounds in the morning are pretty chill and the views are always awesome so it might be worthwhile to step out of your tent to smoke.
  6. I actually live in Michigan, but not on Lake Michigan unfortunately, I live on the east side right near St.Clair. Trying to find local parks and lake views recently.

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  7. I don't live in Michigan but the lake touches many states.
  8. Sunday morning, coldish weather, window cracked, hot coffee, folk music, my dogs, and my vape.
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  9. Yes I edited it after realizing my mistake haha.

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