Whats a loser anyway? Am I a loser?

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  1. Hey guys, I rarely post here so forgive me if this is the wrong place to start a thread. I have a question for you all. What's a loser anyway? My dad basically called me a loser today. I mean I just turned 23 years old today. I don't have my degree yet, not even my associates. I mean I have a car, a full time job, and my own place (in the ghetto, but it's cheap). I'm in great physical shape, I don't have a record or any children (not that any of those make you bad or anything), I'm just saying I really don't have anything holding me back right now. Anyway, since I smoke weed and I don't have a degree yet, he's always condescending towards me, basically telling me that I suck at life because of it, although to be honest, I'm just moving out ( at 23, and kinda got kicked out because I was getting too old). What's ironic to me though is the fact that both my parents, though I love them both, made things much harder for themselves when they were my age. Both had multiple children in their early twenties, moved far , made somewhat bad choices. They both have advanced degrees nowadays though. Anyway back on topic, what's a loser anyway? I mean, is life supposed to be a competition where there are winners and losers or what. What am I missing?

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  2. A true loser is someone who lets themselves feel belittled by others.
  3. I have the same problem with my dad, basically in a nutshell. You're obviously not a loser. You smoke weed and you're twenty-three years old... you've got a full time job, no kids, your own place and the only two things making you a loser in your dad's eyes are that you don't have a degree and you smoke pot. It's a new generation... not everything is the same as when our parents were our age. It's easy for them to pass judgement on us, but in all actuality we are better off than they were at our age. Don't take to heart what your dad thinks of you right now. Keep you're head up! You're doing what your supposed to at 23...
    Stay high!

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  4. No.
    I can't speak for your Dad, but I'm guessing he said that to motivate you to do better.  He sees the weed as a detriment to you succeeding to your fullest potential.  He recognizes (or should) that based on what you've accomplished thus far, that you are not a loser.
    He could have handled it better, but hey, we're only human and don't always do the right thing.
  5. Can't please everyone so might as well please yourself.
  6. You have a full time job and your own place. These are accomplishments to be proud of! Don't worry about the degree. As long as you keep progressing, you'll get there! I'm 22, and I'm still pursuing my associates after changing majors. I see many people in my classes who are in their late twenties and early thirties, my point being that you have plenty of time to pursue your education. And it sounds like your father is trying to motivate you, but he's trying to do so by belittling you, which is totally wrong.
    And don't worry about being "old" and having just moved out. The economy is totally different than it was in your father's youth. The cost of living is MUCH higher, and young people today oftentimes find themselves having to work two or three jobs just to pay rent. I know plenty of people in their mid to late twenties who live with their parents out of necessity. I had my own place, and what I considered a good paying, full time job, and I still had to move back in with my parents out of financial necessity (I'm 22). I think you're being too critical of yourself, and your father might be projecting his frustrations about his own failures onto you.
  7. When I was growing up I was raised by a guy that I was told was my father only to find out at 18 that he's not my real dad and I met my real dad and blah blah blah. Well growing up my step dad always kind of talked down to me when I did something stupid or my grades were not were he wanted them. And when I was 15 he told me that he gave up on me and I was always going to be useless. Now me and my step dad are on great terms and he is always telling me how proud he is of me and where I've come. He still wants me to do a hell of a lot more for myself. My real dad never started pushing me we hang out a lot but he doesn't really push me to do things as much as my step dad. So your dad might not be displaying the way he feels very well but he does want you to do well he just doesn't know how to show it. Its better to have a dad that shows his cares in a fucked up way then not having them show they care at all.

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  8. Every time I'm doing what I want to, somebody comes and tells me its wrong.
    Whenever I'm doing just as I please, somebody cuts me down to my knees.
    Yeah, somebody cuts me down to my knees. 

    In a time when everybody feels entitled, why can't I feel entitled too?
    Somebody took away my God given right, I guess God must have gave it you
    Yeah I guess God must have slipped it to you.

    Stop what you're doing and get back in line, I hear this from people all the time.
    If we can't be happy then you can't be too. 
    I'm tired of being told what to do
    Yeah, I'm sick of being told what to do. 

  9. You are only a loser if you think you are a loser.

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  10. you only a loser if you
    lost the game
  11. If the op was too long for you to read, you're a loser.
    I'm a loser.
  12. Keep your head up op, you're doing better than a lot of people from my area that i know. You have a full time job and you're furthering your education, sounds like the right direction to me.

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  13. I really appreciate the advice guys. Thank you very much!

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  14. A loser is someone who wasted their talent.  The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.  The choices that you make will shape your life forever.
  15. A loser is someone who calls another person a loser, because they themselves feel worthless and they want you to feel just as crappy as they do. That's a loser.
  16. Only you can decide if you're a loser. If you're okay with being a loser, then you're less of a loser.
  17. Did anyone notice there are alot of paradoxical definitions afoot?
  18. Cannot agree with your comment.  Met a lot of losers who thought they were 'just it'.  A lot of them are pompous asses.
  19. Well it may be annoying and you may think those people are losers, but it is all about perspective. To them, they are hot shit, and that's just the way they see it so they aren't losers in their reality.

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  20. yep

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