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Whats a good website to watch movies online for free?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by peacenpot420, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. i used to use watch-movies.net or whatever it was and it stopped working. does anyone else know of any good websites? i'm sure theres some out there, i just can't find any that seem legit and wont give me viruses.
  2. ya same for me, watch movies close and everything else is a scam...im really just making a post to subscribe to this thread cuz i want a free movies site too.

    also anyone know one where u dont have to download it?
  3. yeah im not downloading shit, i just want to stream like i used to be able to!! :cry:
  4. Blinkx TV section it has movies and TV shows.
  5. i use hulu.com. they are makin some shit unavailable now to get u to buy the membership... but they have movies and tv shows

  6. hence "Free" haha
  7. try surfthechannel.com

    most of the links are megavideo though so unless you have membership there you can only stream a certain amount per day,
  8. hey guys this is my first post ever.. I use this awesome website called "www.letmewatchthis.com". It's really reliable and easy to use ( a little tip is that when it gives you the links to the movie or whatever your watching click on the one with a golden star and perferably putlocker.com)

  9. Ive actually used that one before. I forgot about it!
  10. Yeah I love that website it's the best so far in my judgement
  11. ch131.com


    youre welcome

  12. If you use Firefox,


    It goes around Megavideo limits.
  13. You can watch or download free movies online here. Most of the movie streams and movie links are updated after 2 days in the theater: Watch Full Movies Online Free

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