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what's a good mix with hydro?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by wctom2112, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Well, I've given up oxy (or am trying to...it's been only two days since i've had it but I have no plans on doing it again soon). I had some norcos left, so I figured I'd have those tonight (I am well aware that I'm still abusing drugs...just different choice in the actual product).

    My question to you all (experts) is what would be good to make my norco high a little better. Due to my oxy use, I think I have a high tolerance for this stuff. I just took 3 norcos (about 1/2 hour ago) and barely feel anything. I've got more norcos...should I just keep taking more? Should i parachute some (never done that before)? I just read somewhere about taking benedryl with opiates and it making it a better high, but I'm not to sure about mixing until I can get more info (or hear from someone with actual experience).

    So...anyone around who can help? Don't wanna die tonight...just want to have some fun. It's been a shitty day/night and I'm looking for a release.

    Thanks in advance.


    (p.s. the other things I have in my possesion right now are some 10mg valium, about 2.5 mgs of xanax, some flexeril and like I said before, about 7 more norcos)
  2. what is parachuting?
    i would stay away from benadryl. past experience speaking.
  3. Benadryl is a known opiate potentiator, and is often administered in hospitals, etc, for exactly this effect. You don't need alot though, 75mg. should be enough, I had a diphenhydramine tolerance for awhile and I still got a nice lift on 50mg with hydro/oxycodone. Pufnstuf, parachuting is grinding the pill to a powder, placing it in a paper towel or tissue and consuming the tissue so the drug can be fully dispersed at once instead of having to wait for the pill to dissolve. Parachuting will make the high come on faster, hit harder, and leave quicker...it's the tradeoff you have to take. In the future...try a couple glasses of REAL grapefruit juice. Grapefruits inhibit the enzymes that metabolize opiates, aka a longer high. IMO, grapefruit juice and diphenhydramine 30 minutes before dosing opiates is the way to go for over the counter potentiation.
  4. thanks for explaining
  5. Collebear...thanks for responding. If I read your post correctly, you're saying that 75mgs of benedryl is what I should be doing. That's hard for me to imagine...I can get super drowsy off of two...and pretty drowsy off of one. The generic benedryl I have right now is 25mg each. I also popped another norco.

    So here's the update. I've got 40mgs of hydrocodone taken orally so far. I can keep taking more hydro...but doesn't it eventually just get to the point where it stops helping in higher number (and can only hurt cause of the 325mgs of apap in each pill).

    Is 40mgs of hydro to much to start messing with the diphenhydramine? Or would maybe 1 benedryl just help the little bit I'm looking for? I'm not looking to get disfunctional...just looking to feel good (and it think my oxy use has made it hard for me to "get there" with other substances).

    Sorry for the plethora of questions and newbie stuff...I just want to make use of the hydro before it's all out of my system (popped the first 30mgs about an 80minutes ago and the last 10 just now).

    Thanks again for your help. From what I understand (and my understanding is limited these days), I may be better off just popping a benedryl (25mgs) which might help but certainly won't hurt with the 40mgs of hydrocodone I've consumed. Or, I can keep popping hydro (got about 6 more...although I'd probably OD if took all six).

    I feel like such an idiot not knowing how to do this shit. I wish I still drank...boozing was easy compared to script drugs. LMAO
  6. 40 mg of hydrocodone, you're already going to have a hard time keeping your eyes open, I wouldn't even mess with benadryl. If I was you, I would have 1mg of xanax in ~45 minutes and enjoy it from there, smoking as much bud as you feel comfortable. Future reference, the diphenhydramine isn't going to multiply the amount of opiates you've taken, it only acts on the original dose, so don't worry about overdosing when you combo it unless you've already taken too high a dose of opiates to start out with.
  7. thanks bro. Guess I'll skip the benedryl. 40mgs of hydro just doesn't have much of an effect on me. I'm already thinking of adding one more norco (to make a total of 50mgs of hydro).

    I kind of like the idea of adding some xanax to the mix, but that would probably just knock me out as well.

    How much hydro is getting into dangerous territory? I'm gonna be on 50mgs soon (and 1625mgs of apap). What if I upped it to 60, 70 or 80mgs of hydro (and 1950mgs, 2275mgs & 2600mgs of apap). If I remember correctly, the single day max of apap is 4000mgs, and the single dose max is 2000mgs...but because I will have spread this over 2 hours so far, it might not count under the singe dose max. What I don't remember finding online is, the max dose for hydrocodone. When does that get into the danger zone ( like breathing problems).

    btw...it's nice to have someone knowledgable to chat with tonight. I only hope there will come a time when I can help you in some way.
  8. fuck....60 mgs and I just feel okay. Definately not high...just a bit better than I did at 8pm when I started all this.

    I really hate tolerance...I remember when 2 vics would make me feel GOOD. I have like to little pieces of oxy in a baggie...I'm so desparate I was thinking of eating that was well. Or taking the xanax. Or drinking some nyquil. Or anything to just get a fucking buzz tonight :mad:

    boohoo for me...that's all I got to say. Thanks to everyone for their help though...it seems like a lost cause for me to catch buzz (short of taking all ten norcos...which I don't think would be all that smart considering I don't want to die).
  9. Mixing benzos and opiates can kill quick.
  10. 2 of my friends had a vicodin eating contest one night or somethign like that.. tried to match eachother at least... one ate 26 and the other ate 29. it was a long time ago, so i dont remember if they were the blue or green watsons.. they are both aliv ethough.. 10 norcos wont kill you if you have a tolerance.. they usecd to take 12-15 per day though.
  11. that many vics :eek: I hope they did cwe or else I'm sure they're still suffering from the liver damage. At least with norcos, I'm only getting 325 mgs of the pad stuff per pill. So far I'm at like 1950mgs of the bad stuff. Not sure if I feel like more. I still never got the buzz (hell, 6 norcos and no real buzz...that just sucks).

    Anyway, I think you're right about mixing with benzos...I'll probably avoid that. If anything, maybe I'll have another norco, but I wan't pop any of hte xanax or valium I have.

    Thanks again all.
  12. well, took the 7th, don't feel shit but a litle relaxed and some heaviness in my chest (which concerns me a little, considering the whole respiratory failure thing with opiates), but that's it. I should just stop wasting them and save them either for tapering off or for when my tolerance is low again.

    Thanks for your advice all. This night was just never destined to be enjoyable.
  13. The only thing with taking the benadryl is it takes away that lovely opiate itch! Grapefruit juice like colie bear said also helps to potentiate opiates, and it's what I typically would take them with. I havent touched any opiates in a long time though! Fun while it lasted, but it's not something to get hooked on.
  14. Then your friends are lucky and have an amazing tolerance if they had almost 150 mg of hydro...

    Seriously though nobody take that much
  15. When I was addicted to heroin, I used to eat vicodins by the handful just for the 15 minute bus ride back home...Cheap as fuck...$1-$2 in the T.L.

  16. can anyone explain more about the respiratory thing with opiates? sometimes with tramadol i really feel like i'm not breathing and it freaks my body out, sometimes it will happen all night and keep me from sleeping. i mean i know im breathing but it feels im not? and the other day since i ran out of trams i took some vikes and ate some bud brownies (havent touched bud in a few months), when i was peaking off the edibles it was REALLY fucking uncomfortable, every couple minutes i got that "not breathing" sensation.

    anyway is that the 'whole respiratory failure thing'?
  17. I really don't have any true knowledge on this topic...but I just know I've read many times that high doses of opiates can cause you to slow down (or make shallow) your breathing so much that it can be fatal. I'm sure you'd have to take a shitload to actually have it happen, but the uncomfortableness I was feeling (and you seem to have felt in your description) can be shitty enough to cause some anxiety.

    I'm sure there are others here with much more experience and knowledge that can give you a better insight into the whole thing.
  18. Opiates are central nervous system depressants and will slow down heartbeat and breathing. Hydrocodone is a relatively weak opiate, especially from oral doses. If you usually breathe slower after smoking, it's not a good idea to mix it with something that depresses your CNS even more. For me, weed usually excites my CNS so I stay away from amphetamines and the like after toking. Final word, DEFINENTLY don't mix opiates and alcohol. To the posters "A couple beers are fine"...do what you want, it's your body, but I would stay away if you want to stay conscious through the dose.
  19. the first time i ever noticed the "not breathing" thing was when I started taking Trams. Vikes & bud never did that to me before, but the combination of the two the other night sure made it worse. I dunno maybe theres still some Tramadol in my system

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