Whats a good bong?

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  1. I have a regular Tattoo acrylic bong and a steam roller and two spoons, but everyone seems to have pimped out bongs and shit so i was wondering what a good bong is thats reasonably priced.
  2. Well what is reasonably priced to you? SSFG has some really good shit for decent prices. Get rid of the acrylic man.
  3. Yeah i hear you on the acrylic, but im not gonna get rid of it. its fun to use when u go out and dont want it to break. but yeah my idea of a reasonable price is like 40-60 dollars.
  4. Perfect, cuz u can get a simple but very good quality "travel tube" from ssfg for 60-100
  5. the travel tube is 60$ then another 10$ for shipping thats your best choice for some quality glass, and you have your choice of beaker bottom or a straight tube
  6. If you want a cheap nice piece, on the grasscity shop, the $65 Black Leaf glass bong is very good for the price. A friend of mine ordered one and it was used heavily for months. It's a solid piece.

  7. If you want something that won't break when you go out, get the incredibowl.
  8. check out HVY they make some tubes without percs that you can easily add a sovereignty gridded downstem and a carbon filter too to make it function better. that might be in your range maybe a tad closer to 100. SSFG is also cool. stay away from cheap glass though. try to get something pyrex or borosilicate

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