Whats a good bong /waterpipe for under $400

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  1. Looking for a new piece online and my price limit is $400. What are some good ones I should check out? The only thing I don't really like is beaker bottoms but other than that I'm pretty open
  2. Apix glass, get a nice stemline for under 180$, 150 I think, YouTube it If you want.
  3. Ok I'll def check that out. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. My vote goes for an sgw waffle. The v2, but that might be too small of a piece for you. Not really sure what you're looking for.
  5. Man you got a lot of options. Look up sovereignty, David goldstein, mobius or get a custom from apix designs.
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    I have a zob straight tube right now. Looking for something that has more filtration but is easy to hit because I don't have the best lungs
  7. sheldon black makes some great pieces. illadelph as well. sheldon black has this straight tube and beaker that has a 29mm female joint. the downstem that goes in is a super dank showerhead or 10arm downstem. should look into that its about 350-400 range and ive hit one before. amazing
  8. It all depends if this kid is trying to get some bang for his buck or not.
  9. David Goldstein rooster apparatus. Got mine for 375
  10. Yeah I was checking out Goldstein but most of his stuff was sold out on aqua lab. I liked apix design but he only has 2 designs at the time. I prefer a bigger tube over a smaller one but ill look at any
  11. Yeah I got one of the last 16" plain discs, sold out right after I got mine.

    I've bought lots of tubes. But never have been so astonished by the functionality.
  12. Your options are open with that budget, I like the SGW waffle also as mentioned earlier, but you should just be on the look out on a quality glass that catches your eye and has everything you want in it.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion do you like the v2 or the original and what about the king stemline? And I've also been looking but didn't realize how many more options you have when spending 400 instead of like 200 lol
  14. Well I ended ordering a piece from apix glass. Went with the stemline to disk. Will try to post pictures whenever I get it
  15. apix is a great option if you cant find high end stuff locally, i just ordered a red worked joint slide i saw on his site. when i see him put a worked tube up for sale i like i will prob grab it up fast.
    i guess im lucky, im on the east coast and can find the majority of brands locally, within an hours drive. last year, among other things, i got a dave goldstein 16' fritted disc rooster tube, and a mobius stereo matrix 65t from a LHS.
  16. My vote goes for an sgw waffle.[​IMG]
  17. The RooF ice master is the one i am getting. If looks really nice and is $300

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