Whats a good beginner seed? (indoor)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CallMePhil, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Something thats cheap, but also something thats not gross or weak. That way i wont lose too much money or be disappointed if i was successful.
  2. i would say white widow cause its shor, and very high in potency popular, and shark shock cause its very short has a real nice color that a beginner will love to show there friends and say they grew them

    im a noob tho so i could be wrong, but thats what im starting with and i just oreder 2 white widows 2 shark shocks and 1 ak-48

    that ak-48 is 1 hitter quitter, and seems to give a heay yield, hopefully if i get a female!!!

    im hoping the only male i get is 1 of the shark shock seeds so that i can cross it with the white widow, and the ak-48
  3. One that uou might look at is Nirvana K2. I selected that as my first grow attempt because of the description that Nirvana provides. Short plant, good yield, high THC content, and easier to cultivate than most white strains (even though it's related). Being from Nirvana it's also fairly cheap to buy the seeds. Check out the description over at Dr. Chronic's site. That's where I purchased mine.

    I'm now in the last half of flowering period with mine and it has looked extremely healthy throughout the whole grow despite my being a rookie at it. Something else that I've noticed is that it's also fairly low odor even though it's now covered in buds.. Unfortunately I can't give you a smoke report as mine isn't finished yet.

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