What's a good beginner Sativa/hybrid strain to grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SativaBleu, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. I want to grow my first plant but I don't like any body high so I am looking for an easy sativa or hybrid strain to grow.
    I am looking to grow for mostly trippy head high which will help me focus and be clear and have dream like euphoric effects.
    I want to avoid body high or that stoney effect as much as I can. Something similar to sour diesel is what I am looking for but really that's the only sativa dominant strain I have ever smoked and I don't know what strain is out there that would be easy to grow for a beginner.
  2. Lsd the strain I mean...lol disease resistent and pretty much all.of what you want/need check out the strain review on leafly. com

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  3. Black jack. White widow.

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  4. Cinnderalla 99 shes a light feed tho

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  5. White widow. Everyone grows that shit
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  6. I heard the high lasts very short tho. would sour diesel be hard to grow?
  7. Couldnt tell yah. Isnt really my kind of strain. But every strain is easy to grow with the right conditions
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  8. Imo how long the high lasts depends a lot more on other things than what strain it is. The better it's grown the better it smokes

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  9. If you want a nice Sativa I heard a lot of people really like Durban Poison and its one of those "creeper" strains and has nice bag appeal. It all depends on what you are looking for. Bag appeal? Flavor? High?
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  10. I could care less what it looks like. as long as the high has no body high or very very little.
    I want to be able to work and go about my day. I like to stay aware but yet also have the swtich to turn on the 3D 4K world on demand
  11. Im smoking Ghost Train Haze. Its a nice sativa punch and has me feeling great but very airy which I do not like. Lemon Skunk is also a great one super dense nugs with amazing smell and flavor with a great head high.
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  12. Jet Fuel is really nice heady buzz with little to no down feel...helps me concentrate very nicely!! I liked it so much I'm currently growing a bag seed which I think is a female and should be flowering soon!!

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  13. I ordered 10 regular Durban Posion seeds. I read some about it and it sounds liek exactly what I am looking for. Hopefully I wont screw up my first grow. thanks for the recommendation

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  14. Good choice, treat your plants well and they will treat you well down the line:love-mj2:
  15. I have heard that Durban Poison can be a challenge. Not the best rookie strain but growing isn't that hard. It's sativa dominant with long mature times and tall plants that can be hard to train and manage.

    The best rookie strain IMO is White Widow. It's like growing easy mode. Large colas and hard to screw up. It's very vigorous and just seems to stay healthy.

    Another one I would recommend is Blue Dream. It's almost as easy as White Widow but IMO the buds taste better. It doesn't grow as large of colas but there's more of them and the plant generally grows larger so I got my best yield yet off of blue dream. I had a 12oz plant.
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  16. Nirvana White Widow
  17. Test that durban early, you might like that high better..

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  18. I love me a Durban high. It's one of the best. It's never been known to be an easy grower though far as I know. Don't let that discourage you. Just be patient with it. Veg it large and flower it long until it's really done.
  19. I got some Durban in the 25% + thc range in an Oregon dispensary last time I was there. It was my favorite of the trip. High energy sativa high.
  20. Well hell. I might try to grow it soon then now that its getting all this love :thumbsup:. Good luck OP hope it turns out well. Grow journal for it??

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