What's a good 3-day routine for lifting?

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  1. What I've been doing lately is upper body and lower body and alternating everyday, which is needless to say, a pretty bad routine.
    So how can I spread it out effectively over three days and incorporate lateral pull-downs and cable rows? Cause most people group arm muscles with deltoids and chest, and leave back to another day.
  2. I do the following muscles together:




    Need to work shoulders in there too.

    Just realize that chest works triceps indirectly, and back works biceps indirectly. So working tri's or bi's both directly and indirectly the same day is a good idea.

    Just my thoughts.
  3. Check out Strong Lifts 5x5. I don't stick with just that routine but I do it about once or twice a week along with other routines that I do. I don't know how long you have been lifting but if you follow it and give lots of effort you will see nothing but results.

    Stick with compound exercises at first to build overall strength/mass, then incorporate isolation exercises.

    Heavy bench hits chest and tri's.
    Heavy dumbbell rows hits back and bi's.
    Squats is.. Well squats are fuckin' squats! Any decent routine will incorporate them.
    I notice dead lifts are great for getting that "cut" look but I can't max out because I hurt my back (even with proper form). I'm a small dude so when I reach a certain weight my body just can't take it (160 lbs+).

    Start with these just to put some muscle on.
  4. Either Starting Strength or Stronglifts. Both are easy to follow and will have you stronger in a short time.
  5. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I thought I sent you my workout routine but I just checked and it's not there, so maybe I didn't? In that case, my bad... so here it is:

    Day 1
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls
    Leg Press
    Front Lunge w/ Dumbbells
    Calf Press

    Day 2
    Incline Bench Press
    Incline "Twist" Flyes
    Shoulder Press
    Tricep Press Down
    Tricep Extension (seated)

    Day 3
    Lap Pull Down
    Seated Row
    Pull Up
    Bicep Curls (standing)
    Hammer Curls (standing)
  6. ^LOL I was going to say..it's funny I saw that same picture on my FB feed and apparently he's this marine who had his legs shot or something, idk.

    Yeah, I did actually. I was just curious on what everyone else did/what exercises they incorporated. But thanks for the PM though.
  7. ^On day one include Squats. No routine is complete without it.
  8. Yeah i got a good leg workout from a friend that Ill be starting really soon.


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