Whats a good 200 - 300 vaporizer I can buy for around 175 or less used?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Hamachi12, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. So I wanna get a good vaporizer that's been used (so its cheaper), so I wanna stay around the $175 range or less. If you believe I Cannot find a good vaporizer thats used for around that range, then please tell me a good vaporizer I can get that's around the $150 range? 

  2. Arizer extreme q in my opinion. Good for whips n bags and you can also upgrade to an ssv elbow n whip to get even better results

    Its 150 $ at got vape and about 175 $ on puff it up with a code.
  3. Check out the fuckcombustion.com classifieds for used vapes.
  4. i am not a fan of buying a used vape in general. it's just something i find dirty and unsanitary. much better feeling knowing your mouth is the first one touching whichever vaporizer.
  5. It's all opinion .. but after a pbw/iso soak most vaporizers are good to go ,completely sanitary !used vape are great imo, lower price etc.

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  6. You can always get a new mouth piece/stem for a lot of vaporizers for cheap.

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