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Whats a euphemism for recreational?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ch33r10zzz, Mar 10, 2014.

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    I find the word recreational seems to have a negative connotation, at least when applied to a drug. It implies fun and the possible trouble that can come with fun. With legalization in the foreseeable future, what would be a better way to say "recreational" marijuana?

  2. Retail

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    That implies money, therefore greed. But not bad.
  4. Obviously, you could just say marijuana without any pretense or legalize marijuana OUTRIGHT.
  5. "The word recreational seems to have a negative connotation." 
    that's an opinion. I find no negative connotation associated with the work recreational. 
  6. I find this somewhat important in the progress towards legalization. If "recreational" marijuana can be portrayed in a positive light, it would eliminate the stigma that our beautiful Mary Jane has.
  7. right, but american history has shown that certain negative stigma associated with certain words, has overtime been restored or perhaps redefined as something else. 
  8. Call it a biased observation if you will.
  9. Everything has a certain negative stigmatism depending on how you're looking at it. Rather than looking for another word to use, you might as well try and fight the negative image and utilize it in a more positive manner; no point in getting something new if you can fix it.
  10. Why use a word that can be misinterpreted when you can use a word that better describes.
  11. Home gardening? How bout a superstore called planet pot or weedworld? At the shop you could buy already flowering dank plants in pots for just a few dollars that would be sweet.

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  12. Legal marijuana. Lol

    Maybe unimpeded or something?

    I'm having a hard time thinking of a word that means like unrestricted and legal without sounding like it has to do with the law haha sorry

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  13. How about this. Government regulated marijuana. Because that is what is coming.
  14. Who cares what people think. I'm pretty sure they don't take doctor prescribed shots of alcohol. Recreational smoking is probably the safest thing you can do in the world lol you would be in more danger in a water drinking contest than a smoking contest
  15. what's wrong with recreational all recreational implies is that it's something you do for recreation, or fun
  16. not just American history, but the history of all language. Language, by it's very nature, is unstable. If it was we'd all be grunting like the first primitive humans.
  17. Complete safe and legal access

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  18. Some of you don't understand what the word recreational means...
    legalize ________ smoking
    leisure, pleasure... Honestly recreational is best.
    ---- relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working

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