Whats a edible high like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by giants1080, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. lemme tell ya, I took some at work, FIRST time ever and holy wow.... That got me feeling some type of way, first off my body was vibrating and then I wasn't going fast enough but the time was moving so slow. I definitely do not recommend ever eating one when at work
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  2. Depends on strain and douse
  3. When you smoke your in control when you consume the buds in control lol. Basically feels like waves of energy are moving through out your body. Time feels like it moves extremely slow Kinda feels like your mind goes away for a couple hours but at the same time your thoughts go all over the place. Edibles help me think through shit when i have a lot on my mind atleast. If your not careful and eat to much you wont be able to move and your body will feel like its melting into whatever your sitting/laying on. Slight cevs and open eye visuals if you consume enough. Lasts a long time to. I usually feel it within 30 min it kinda fully kicks in at an hour and peaks around 2 hours in and from their lasts another six hours lol

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