Whats a edible high like?

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  1. I was stuck hallucinating for 5 hours reliving the same events over and over, I would get up to drink water but never really drank water, then it would happen again, my throat got really dry and raspy, crazy felt like forever....defiantly don't do the "it's not working eat more" thing because that will have you all sorts of messed up. Eat 1 wait 2 hrs and eat another if you feel fine.
  2. I released my anus muscles making me shit my pants so I need to wear a diaper
  3. it depends on how much you eat and the type of weed. usually you get higher and higher for several hours, unlike with smoking where you peak in about 40 min and then start coming down. with edibles you'll be high for a good 4 hours. going out in public is not recommended lol
  4. Very intense body high once it kicks in and you digest and absorb it.
  5. Bump...

    Anyway, the type of the high (Body/head) depends on if you're using Indica (Body) Or Sativa (Mind) Bud To Bake....

    It Takes 30-45 minutes To Come On....
    From there it lasts 30 minutes to an hour(Very light High) .
    From there it goes away for around an hour or two...
    than From there Your Blown as Hell For 2-4 Hours....

    Better than Smoking? For Effects, Definitely Yes....
    But, The Downside Is It Takes Awhile (2-3 Hours) To Fully Kick In....
  6. It feels like a really smooth and full high, it's really peaceful and blissful and lasts all day.
  7. You definitely have to pace yourself- here's a long story.
    So I was leaving for work for 2 months across the country, and I had made my usual weekly pickup of a 20. It was a Tuesday and I had picked up Friday, so I'd dipped into it a little, but still had a mostly full bag. I was kinda tripped out because I didn't want anyone getting into my stuff (I was also in the process of moving) and taking my stash/busting me. I had one of those Betty Crocker Warm Delights, where you add water, nuke and a brownie appears- I figured if I ground all my remaining supply and added to the mix, it'd be like one of those pot brownies I read about.
    First of all, the result didn't taste like a brownie- tasted like pure weed and I had to super force it down. I managed it and not 10 minutes later, threw up like nobody's business. I felt kinda sheepish and thought "oh well, lesson learned" and kept working until I noticed my hearing was blinking in and out, strobing, and that my lower half was numb. I was high so fast that I sat down and stared at my bedroom wall, wondering how I got there.
    That was at around 7 pm. My flight was leaving at 5:30 am. I was super fucked.
    I remember hurriedly finishing my packing, going to lie down and shaking in my bed, and getting to the airport. All through security, I was in fear of them doing a THC test and discovering how very messed up I was. When nothing happened, I relaxed. By the time my first (of three that day) flight took off, I said "Wheee!" and had the best day of travel ever. I was still high when I landed for the final time, around 2 that afternoon. Good stuff, but beware!
  8. It hits you in like 30 minutes and depending on how much you've had and what your tolerance is, it shuts you down.
  9. I think more important than the high is that edibles are just convenient in certain situations. Let's say you and your friends want to go to the movies stoned. You can just eat a brownie or a hash lollipop or whatever and not have to worry about finding a place to smoke and cleaning up all the evidence afterwards.
  10. Fully ripped for 3+ hours :smoke:
  11. Just had my first experience with some firecrackers. Bitter as hell, but just half a gram of bud in some pb and you'll have a longer, less severe high for several hours.
  12. if done with chocolate it is damn tasty
    a slow starting sneaky high
  13. i can't see a difference. i made another batch of oatmeal cookies but added twice the herb ( almost an ounce of trim for 12 cookies) this time plus almonds, raisins. i'll eat a couple and about 90 minutes later it hits hard. great for sleeping all night, hip pain normally wakes me up. thing is, it makes beer taste really good and of course hungry. so i have another cookie... j
  14. Its like trying to describe what the color orange looks like to a blind man who has been blind since birth.

    If you do not have a similar point of reference, its impossible to describe. Here, gimme that....and I will give you some back.....now eat some and wait. Now you can tell what I am feeling so you don't need an explanation with insufficiently descriptive words.
  15. Edibles are easily the best way to get high. I used to smoke exclusively cause I thought that preparing edibles was time consuming and would raise the chances of me getting caught. But the fact is that it is easily the most cost effective and efficient ways of getting high. The first time I tried and edible, my friend and I were about to get stoned since we just finished out last final exam when we realized we only had about two and a half joints worth of weed (common weed isn't as potent in india). Having heard about edibles being stronger and lasting longer we had a crack at it. We extracted the thc using the conventional butter extraction method and spread said butter onto pieces of toast. It took about 45 minutes before we began to feel the effects and about 20 minutes after that to peak. The high onset is much more gradual than what you would experience if you were to smoke. The high is just unexplainable! You just feel more in touch with your senses. Every form of stimulation affects your entire body. It's like a full body buzz! 
    Since then I have been buying my weed by the brick and turning it into cannabutter which I eat about once or twice a month. One thing though. When you first try and edible, eat a bit and see how high you get. The thing about edible highs is that they take long to kick in but when they do, they last long and are quite intense unlike smoking which gets you high immediately and brings you down comparatively faster. Don't jump to an unnecessarily high dose as this may result in you having a bad trip. Always make sure that you have water. Getting high can be thirsty business and you could wake up with a headache if you don't get enough water.
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  16. Don't underestimate those cute little cookies. When you eat it your body produces 11 Hydroxy Metabolites which is 4x more psychoactive than thc and unlike smoking, it lasts twice as long. Basically if you take to much, it has the potential to be a psychedelic
  17. wow OP made this thread in 2009. Mods have scolded me for reviving an old thread.
  18. I've had that happen a time or two, but it wasn't a pleasurable psyc adventure i assure you. true enough though i'm just getting back to ingesting full time because i miss that all day\\night buzz i used to get but started smoking a lot and that killed it. on T break now and looking forward to getting back to my oil for meds, so much more fun and enjoyable for me anyway and also i didn't experience any tolerance problems with edible oil, as i have with smoke.
    never forget my first green out with ingesting oil, i was so trashed and swearing to god and everything else, i'll never let it happen again!!!!!!!!!!  lmao
    like you mentioned Kush, be very respectful of the concentrate edible oils, they can lay a mean green out that comes with vomiting and other unfortunate and undesirable things.
  19. I have only tried edibles once, and it's just an intense body stone that lasts a long time, it almost felt like I was on unmentionables

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    That 70s show got it pretty spot-on as far as how it looks to other people. Edible highs feel different than smoke highs IMO.
    Edible highs to me are a little less intense than smoke highs but last a lot longer. It's really nice on a day off or when trying to sleep because it's really chill and consistent over a good amount of time. They take longer to kick in, about an hour or so.
    Smoke highs are good for instant fixes and shorter highs but they are prone to be more couch-gluing and less relaxing sometimes to me. I've never gotten anxious from an edible high, but that's just me.

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