Whats a edible high like?

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  1. I have yet to eat brownies or firecrackers, but what is the high like compared to smoking a bowl of dank?
  2. i think its more of a body high then a head high
  3. puts me into a couch lock/coma
  4. its definitely more of a body high, but it is longer lasting. Its a good stone, a little different from smoking imo but a good high nonetheless
  5. Theres only 1 way to find out...
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  6. i have always wondered this also and have yet to come across a decent answer. everybody says its a body high but a little different type of high but i don't know what that means. anyone who is experienced with edibles let us know what to expect if say we were to eat one brownie with an eighth of good weed in the entire batch.
  7. I've NEVER gotten a smoke-high.

    i ALWAYS eat the weed somehow.
    It's DEFINITELY a body high.
    But a controllable one. You'll trip out at nothing.
    It's amazing.
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  8. are we even talking about the same substance?

    For me, (my edibles are super strong) its an extreme head high with a small body high. Can't drive, can't really talk, but can draw for hours
  9. body high is oh soooo relaxing and great. but ur still getting thc so you WILL have a head high, a strong one at that if you used a cooking method that extracted the thc well. it definitely lasts longer say around 3 or 4 hours for me. For some reason, the high seems to be more deep? or psychedelic? idk but it definitely seems more "trippy" my experiences are with firecrackers which work very very well when using the right recipe. here is a good one that is guaranteed to work 420tainment's Best Weed Firecracker Recipe (with Pictures) | 420tainment
  10. its when your body tells your brain to fuck off
  11. I've never actually had edibles either. I'd much rather smoke and get a head, body, soul high than just mostly a body... But that's just me.
  12. Brownies start to kick in 40-60 minutes..

    You feel anxious and increased heartrate. Time perception is huge, 2 hours into a brownie I feel like I've been high for a day :D

    Eyes get red as devils dick to
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    I disagree with it being a body high. I've tried some edibles and I've had marinol and I find it to be much like the sort of high you get smoking with the difference consisting of a slower ramp-up and a stomach buzz (queasiness).
  14. Lemme tell you.... It spanks your monkey
  15. i was wondering since its a couchlock would it be a good idea to go to six flags on brownies dat had half o of mids? Cuz its alot of walking. Sorry im on phone and it doesnt let me create my own posts
  16. I've made firecrackers once and for me it was about the same as a smoke high. I smoked some of the strain the night before and ate the crackers next night and the effects were fairly similar. A few things about the edibles: There was definitely a little more body high leaning but not much, and the smoke high was just about the same way. One thing I noticed about the edible head effect though was that it felt as if there was a maybe a 2 inch thick pane of glass running vertically through my head right behind my eyes and I only really felt the high in this area for maybe the first two hours then it went to my whole head. I was definitely very high though and it was awesome. It was a totally consuming high all over me and it just kept ramping up slightly in intensity until I fell asleep after about 3.5 hours. It felt a little more totally present in my entire body than a smoke high as if the high was actually a mystical force surrounding my entire body like a very thick blanket rather than just being inside my body. But there was about the same balance of head to body overall, it was just overall more intense because I used quite a bit.
  17. I ate some dro rice crispy treats, a nice sized whole one. Didn't feel anything at first, but it sneaks up on you after about 20 minutes. It's a great body high.
  18. I've experienced a nice balance between a head high and a body high. My edibles have always been a mix of indica and sativa as well. I have a love/hate relationship with edibles. I can't seem to find a perfect high, it's either been too weak or too strong. On 4/20, I ate my brownies and I was GOOOOONNNEEEEE all day. I was hallucinating and the entire day felt like 3 days put together. It was the most intense high of my life.
  19. ....Imagine 7 hrs of couch lock. Try to have your day free or else your stuck in la-la land.

    I hallucinated really bad on them though, my mind is to hyperactive and imaginative for edibles.
  20. Yeah, I always tell people to do it on a day they have nothing else to do.

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