Whats a Dude gotta do?

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  1. Pottstown, PA . . . . Driving me nutz :mad:, I'm new in town. Originally from Africa and the UK. All I do is work and look after the kids, trying to get my hands on a smoke - half you folks in hear are complaining about quality, but this foreigner cant even get a splif locally (I got a buddy in VA) but thats a weekend trip. So who out thier can hook a brother up or send me in the right direction for a solid connection. (I've tried to hit Peter's village and pottstown). Plus wouldnt mind hooking up with some like minded people for bud and beer (especially if your a Manchester United/ Bob Marley / Beer fan) :D
  2. Man U fan eh? I;m sorry to hear that. :p
  3. yeah, thanks. better than arsenal :) That wasnt ManU out on the field the other night. Not sure what fergie and the rest of them were doing.
  4. hey fella, welcome to the city.

    That being said, lets get to business. I live about 20 minutes away from you, and I know that area pretty well and I have to tell you that is one of the most easiest places to find green dude! Just go out, meet a few people, kick back a few brewskis at the Whiskey Girl Saloon in limerick before 422, ask around. I'm definitely positive you'll find some connects. :) Also, we get all kinds of shit around here anything from straight up dirt to some pretty nice heads. Best of luck, fella.
  5. Funny you say that, I did swing by their once for a beer, it's just across the way from me. Cheers for the update.

  6. you sound like a nice guy so you should edit your post, you cant ask for hook ups here its in the rules, if you were just asking for tips about good places to go and find connections then that's a different story, you should go the whiskey place a previous poster mentioned

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