Whats a Double Stack?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by WhiteShaggy, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. i got a tip about it. I heard its like another name for a bar.

    anyone can help me out with the lingo??

    much obliged
  2. its a fucking cheeseburger, 2 of em in 1
  3. ^lol

    OP, its probably x, but double/triple stack doesn't mean better or more mdma.
  4. People argue that double stacks are just a marketing ploy but i would argue otherwise, yes the pills are pressed bigger so that they look like two pills in one, and yes you can press a pill into any size/shape/colour if you want so there are some bunk double stacks going around, but double stacks tend to be slightly stronger then single pills
  5. so its x than?

    cuz my homeboy said the guy was givin 'em out 3-4$ a pop.

    He was told it was just zannys
  6. Single/double/triple stack usually refer to X, but if you're dude says they're xanax and $3-4, that's probably it.

    Weird ass name for bars though.

    Oh, and double/triple stack beans doesn't mean that they are better though, its usually just a way to get people to think there is more X in it and therefore pay more.
  7. idk why your dude would call xanax double stacks lol.... double stacks refers to ecstasy, no exceptions

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