whats a backpacker

Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. whats a backpacker?
  2. isn't that someone that travels around living out of a backpack?
  3. idk but im gonna get a backpakc and rock a white yankee cap from now on. and have mad weed in backpack.
  4. ? I dunno
  5. A backpacker is a music term (usually hip hop). It means someone who only likes whats underground and not a lot of people know about. As soon as a band blows up, the backpacker says he doesn't like them anymore. It's a term originally associated with white kids in the hood with their hats turned forward and their backpacks slung over one shoulder, though it's not commonly associated with that much anymore.
  6. I consider myself a backpacker. Because aside from going to work and going places with my parents I always tote my backpack along with me. I carry all my supplies in it. Even supplies for occasions that never come around. Always got pen and paper, a book, Morton's list, Black and White make up and usually whatever other shit I need for the day. I pretty much live out of it when I'm not home.
  7. I'm with Fugee on this one. I've heard the term bandied about the radio station, although it's usually used with regard to people who like underground indie rock bands instead of hip-hop artists.
  8. In the mountains, a backpacker is someone who hikes a lot with whatever gear they carry in their pack. I get a magazine every month called Backpacker and it's all about people who backpack. It contains articles on kick ass trails all over the world and it features the latest in gear for Backpackers. Rock climbers can be called backpackers because they carry their gear in backpacks too and actually hike to their rock. :D
  9. ^^^

    Yeah, I was curious about that too, hahah.

    Is that you Mustard?


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